Why in the world did I end up with an MG Delta Plus in my hands? A few months ago I was deciding between the Wing Zero Custom or this. Last Sunday I was thinking of buying an RG just for the fun of building it, but I guess it was my destiny to see this guy screaming at me to finally buy him.

I still haven’t opened it, so maybe I’ll spend the rest of my free time this semester building him bit by bit until I can find time to deploy my spray booth. I’ll probably just make it more gray to look like the HGUC version.

In the meantime, take a look at this insane kit done by Inspiration999.

It’s just… incredible. I’m quite sure the modeler didn’t actually have to sacrifice 2 entire Ex-S kits to make this as parts bags are sold in Akihabara.

8 thoughts on “Get!”

  1. MG Delta Plus is a good kit, but the feet and ankle area isn’t as great. I actually didn’t like that purplish gray that was used on the HG Delta Plus.

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