down the rabbit hole

I always fail to maintain regular updates to this blog. Didn’t buy anything for reviewing that was released in January. The past few figma releases which I bought were quite disappointing so my pre-orders have been confined to one or two must-get characters. Bandai’s recent releases aren’t attracting me either. As with OOO, I’m not a fan of the main suit designs for Fourze.

Well actually I did buy something but I didn’t do a review.

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole and bought a statue, but didn’t review it since there was no articulation and all it could do was to be stuck in one pose. My crap photography skills aren’t going to do it much justice either.

The thing that made me succumb was probably the realization that figmas (and to some extent Nendoroids) are getting quite over-priced. I could get something that looked so much better for a little more. Oh, and the fact that I once forked out 5000 yen for a second hand mediocre exclusive figma. With the quality of figmas getting disappointing, I took the plunge and bought my first statue. I can’t see myself buying more since they take up quite a lot of space and despite being forever alone I don’t want to be caught having a bunch of delicious ridiculously underdressed girlie statues in my room. On the other hand, the announced Megurine Luka Tony ver looks very tempting…

I’m doing my internship right now alongside some evening classes twice a week. I’m still finding it hard to convince myself that more than half the semester has already blown by. Like always, I get the urge to build something in the middle of the semester. Despite the rather light workload, there are too many distractions elsewhere. 😛

In the meantime, I think I might get something to review this month. Not much else though – April seems to be the ‘wallet rape month’ right now with all the delays going on and ruining my order combination plans.

edit: guess I’ll just leave this here.

Paid a kidney for this because I didn’t preorder it when it was out a few years ago. Never watched the anime but was a big fan of the design and never got to buy the rare SH Figuarts figure. Right now this one costs a little more than the Figuarts version on the second hand market and looks so much better so I caved in.

7 thoughts on “down the rabbit hole”

  1. My main reason for not getting these statue are also those situations where people will look at you weird for having girlie under-aged/under-dressed figures ^^;.

  2. they will looks very pretty for display 😀 so you fond ladies in black dress 😉

    I also avoiding buying underdressed one but I do have LOL ^^

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