figma Miku Hatsune Cheerful Japan Ver.

I got this figure very late because a friend asked me if I wanted to combine orders with him and he was overseas during its release. Anyway, I had Miku Append ordered then and I thought it would be cool to switch their faces. It was also practically the only chance to get a non-bootleg Miku without paying ridiculous prices on the second hand market.

According to the Good Smile Company website,

Cheerful Japan! is a collaboration project between Good Smile Company and other figure makers to help support the relief efforts in Northern Japan. Every month for the next year we will be announcing a new charity project on the 11th of each month. We hope the money donated will help Japan get back on it’s feet even if it’s just a little bit faster!

It comes with a di:stage cutout.

And a postcard.

There is a second tray inside the standard-size package. Along with parts for the original Miku figure, you get an extra face, a flag and a pair of pompoms. All the hands now have straight pegs instead of ball pegs, making it easier to switch hands without fear of breaking the joints inside the wrists.

Overall views. Miku has a new face and I heard her dress is painted in a slightly lighter gray compared to previous releases – I’m not too sure about that. I’m not sure how the production quality has changed between this and the original release. Apart from a few blemishes here and there, I don’t have many complaints about the paint job.

Here’s a close-up of the faces.

Miku Append’s faces are also compatible, but the plastic is of a slightly different colour. Miku’s skin colour is slightly pinkish, while Miku Append has a slightly yellow tinge.

Her tie is made of flexible plastic.

The markings on the arms are stamp-printed.

From the cuts on the body, it appears that she has a waist joint but I can’t seem to find it.


Articulation. Nothing spectacular here; she can’t look up as with most other figures in the line. The twin tails are on figma joints too.

With the exposed shoulder joints, arm articulation is unrestricted.

The legs on the other hand are slightly constrained by the skirt although it is made of flexible plastic.

On to the accessories, here are the ones that are common to the standard release. You get a microphone,

a pair of leeks,

and a mic stand.

The flag is made of rigid plastic with the Cheerful Japan logo printed on both sides.

The pompoms have pegs on ball joints inside them that replace the hands. They should fit on most other figures.

I guess there’s nothing much that is new with this figure other than the few extra parts. Very good value for money.


8 thoughts on “figma Miku Hatsune Cheerful Japan Ver.”

    1. I know that feel, sometimes you just want some time to consider but after the release the price just skyrockets even in the second hand market. But some of the racing figures really need to you pay ridiculous prices to sponsor the teams. The Ika Musume Nendoroid Petit set also costs a kidney or two…

  1. One could never have enough of Miku. She’s too cute. ❤

    I see she received an "upgrade" for her wrist pegs, should be less troublesome than before.

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