MG 1/100 Wing Zero Custom

After almost 7 weeks I’ve finally finished building this! Many things went wrong during its making, but I’ll try to tone them down and keep it positive.

Overall views. I used lighter colours for the colour scheme, with fluorescent pink being a component for most of the colours. The camera doesn’t pick it up on the blue areas though; in reality it’s somewhere between blue and purple.

Colour changes to certain parts were done following a particular low-res photo I found which was used to sell those add-on feathers kits. I have no idea who the original modeler was. There are several other modelers who also followed the same style but you could tell the differences between everyone’s versions in the details. The colour layout takes some aspects of the Wing Ver.ka and increases the proportion of white across the entire model. I tried to follow as closely as I could to the first set of pictures I found but there were some areas which I either forgot about or did not have the skills to replicate. Of course, mine were also different in that I didn’t have the extra feathers, and I slapped on those little markings on the corners.

For the head, I tried keita-style cameras on the forehead and silver tape for the eyes so that they are visible.

Scribed some extra lines on the shoulder and upper arms. Added some Kotobukiya pistons on the elbows. The forearm sensors were somewhat rushed, with only the LED and a round mold underneath the clear cover.

Extended the torso by around 1 mm but the difference wasn’t noticeable. The Zero System indicator/chest orb was done using a K round mold with a clear lens set inside it. The lens was painted clear green, then given another layer of clear blue over it. Not sure what I did to my clear blue paint but it made the lens much less reflective/smooth as before. Also cut a bit of material off the cockpit hatch to create the gap around it.

Scribed some lines near the edges of the front skirt armour and did some recessed detail with aftermarket metal parts set in them.

Added recesses to the thighs which were painted, and some more panel lines and recesses for the rest of the legs. The feet were also slightly altered from the stock version.

I always forget to paint the beam saber blades but I finally did this time round. The Twin Buster Rifles were painted in a light gray, with yellow sights and some red piping.

Keita-style scopes.

Despite the double-jointed ankles, they only have a limited range so articulation is mediocre. The wings also usually support the model due to their huge size and weight.

The included stand makes things easier.

I didn’t add holes to the beam sabers for the hands to peg into so there is some difficulty holding them properly.

I must say this is my favourite pose as he doesn’t look so stiff here.

Those of you who play Super Robot Wars would know this move is also a MAP attack.

The iconic Twin Buster Rifle shot.

“Mission complete…”

Looking cool pose. In the end the wings were are hassle to fiddle with and made a lot of chipped paint.

With the LEDs on.

Work process:

  1. Initial assembly [link]
  2. Minor detail work (panel lines/recesses, sheet styrene, aftermarket parts) [link]
  3. Modifications to accommodate LED lights [link]
  4. Primed with Tamiya Fine Surfacer and sanded, rinse and repeat [link]
  5. Painted inner frame
  6. Failed pre-shading
  7. Painted white parts (several times over)
  8. For the sub-wings, removed the seam lines and painted the wings white
  9. Painted other colours: yellow, blue, red [link]
  10. Hand painted minor details
  11. Gloss coat with Mr Super Clear Gloss UV Cut
  12. Panel lines and decals (generic markings from Samuel Decal)
  13. Flat top coat (Mr Super Clear Flat UV Cut)
  14. Partial re-assembly and finished the electrical wiring [link]
  15. Clear parts/sensors painted and attached
  16. Final re-assembly

Colour scheme:

  • White: White + Neutral Gray (tiny bit), then White
  • Dark Gray: Neutral Gray + Black
  • Yellow: Yellow + White + Fluorescent Pink (small amount)
  • Blue: Cobalt Blue + White + Fluorescent Pink
  • Red: Red Madder + White + Fluorescent Pink (small amount)
  • Light Gray (rifles): Neutral Gray + White
  • Clear Green: Clear Blue + Clear Yellow
  • Clear Purple: Clear Red + Clear Blue
  • Panel line wash: (T) Flat Black + (T) Neutral Gray

All colours used are Mr. Color unless specified: G = Gaia Color, T = Tamiya Enamel X- series

Some of the problems encountered on the way were described in my progress updates. Paint chipping was also an issue especially on the arms of the sub-wings. However the one biggest disaster – the LED on the left arm stopped working after I was finished with everything. Things were still working perfectly before I did the clear parts, so now I can’t tell whether it’s a case of bad connections inside the cockpit which will be incredibly tough to fix, or the LED just died which is slightly easier if I can pry the lens cover and re-solder some new LED in place. That explains why I left the light-up picture for last. Having the switch hidden inside the cockpit also resulted in lots of frustration prying the hatch open, and lots of chipped paint around the area.

Anyway, this appears to be my longest-running build to date, so thanks for watching till the end! Looks like my supplies are going back to their boxes, and I may be back to the days of one post a month as I have also slowed down on my toy purchases too. I will be going for an internship next week onwards, so I can’t tell if I will have time to do any building this summer since I will be working then.


18 thoughts on “MG 1/100 Wing Zero Custom”

  1. I like the muted colour scheme. Its more… subtle.

    Broken LED… that’s one reason why I never did used them for my PG WZC or my SD Sentinel Gundoom. Wirings (especially broken ones) can be a pain.

    1. Heh, got no idea why I wanted to stick LEDs in this guy back in the beginning. Probably a personal challenge or something. It’s not like they are turned on all the time either.

  2. I love the Designer’s Colors look on this! Yea, the supports for the wings are quite mediocre.Even straight build, they are still kinda weak.

    1. On the contrary I actually applied a layer of super glue to the joints and filed them down. They are very tight now. 😛 The chipped paint on the supports for the wings is probably caused by the painted surfaces rubbing against one another when you move them.

  3. The muted colors are very refreshing! Too bad about the LED, I can understand why you don’t want to fix the LED. The thought of damaging the paint job……

    1. It’s a pity indeed. It would have made things a little more perfect, but I guess I’ll convince myself that I’m not having this guy lit up all the time so it’s the same as no lights at all.

  4. Like this paint job!
    More blue-white combi on the parts which I think is much better than the original colors.

    too bad about the LED, but I do agree with leaving it as it is rather than having to risk the paint damage.

    1. Well after I finished the kit the left arm LED died on me. I can’t identify the problem because I packed the wiring very tightly and the cockpit parts are tight enough to prevent the wiring from bursting, and the lenses were glued on with super glue. I can’t open up the guy again without risking serious chipping.

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