Final stretch

It’s a little late but Happy Lunar New Year to all the Chinese people celebrating it! Here’s a quick little update and like the title suggests, I’m finally nearing the end.

I got all the parts panel lined and slapped a few decals here and there. Most of the fancy graphics that came with the kit were stickers which I had no choice but to avoid. Besides, people have been saying that this MS (and its fellow Wing/EW brethren) is designed with psychological warfare in mind. Imagine seeing an angel/devil shooting/slashing the crap out of everything in the battlefield. So I just stuck to the generic markings found on every corner of a Ver.ka kit.

With the wires already threaded through some of the parts, the next step was to put them together in the right order for the final connections to be made inside the torso. Here’s a picture I took with all 5 pairs of wires sticking out the cockpit hatch. The objective was to connect all of them with a switch and cram everything inside.

After a few hours’ worth of messing around I was finally able to connect all 4 LEDs in parallel to the switch and battery, and there was barely enough space inside I simply used a stick and shoved whatever I could.

The final step would be to deal with the clear parts/sensors.

4 thoughts on “Final stretch”

  1. The first pic looks like its still inside the assembly line waiting for some finishing touches and diagnostics. D=

    Four LED in one (smallish) MG, you’re really stretching it. XD

    Also, Happy Lunar New Year. =D

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