Another paint update

I’m still falling behind with my weekly updates and I didn’t take enough pictures for a proper one either. From my previous update I mentioned about getting the white to turn out right. I gave up after mixing a total of 4 batches of white paint and decided to just paint 100% white over them. I think one of the problems lay in my use of dark-coloured paint. I used a gray primer and then with my horrible pre-shading skill turned the parts practically all black. I should have also mixed a larger batch that could last the whole model since there was a large surface area to be painted white. I kept on feeling that the parts had different shades of white to them.

In any case, it took almost a week to get over this problem. Only around that time I remembered from building my Z plus that the base colour had a subtly important role in determining how the final colour would look. I guess I was too used to those gloss-finished kits the past year and a half. I dug up some Mr Base White and went to blast all the other coloured parts with it. This ought to make the final colour slightly brighter with the gray undertones eliminated. For the rest of the white coloured parts, I really hope they turn out okay in the end.

With the white problem over the other colours were a breeze in comparison.

Sorry for the poor picture quality – I’ve been using my phone to take these pictures for quite a while. The blue colour is a little over-saturated in the picture though. Within the span of just one day I did 3 other colours – yellow, blue and red. Almost all of the kit is painted, leaving the minor details which will be a difficult test for my now horrible hand-painting skills. I’m scared when I look at my shaky hands.

I’m also working on the seam lines on the rifles right now. Since their design is quite simple, I decided to paint them in a lighter shade to make whatever detail easier to see. Sorry, no modding work on them. It would have been nicer if I could light them up with LEDs but with my limited skill I didn’t want to permanently fix the guns to the hands just to be able to light them up.

Hopefully I can get some progress done this week.

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