The paint

Well, school has officially resumed and I am a few days late with my weekly updates. Was really busy the past week (yay life) and didn’t accomplish enough to warrant an update chock full of pictures. Today I spent most of my entire day building and troubleshooting my brother’s new PC.

The one good thing right now is that I have an internship that starts in February so that gives me a few weeks of rather slack school life (I hope) before everything goes into full force where I will be working on weekdays and going to school at night twice a week.

What I did the past week was to prime the kit. I had to re-sand and re-prime a lot of areas because I conveniently forgot to sand with higher grit sandpaper the first time round. There were a few seams to fix again, and I commenced painting with the first colour – the inner frame.

There aren’t many inner frame parts on this old model so that was taken care of quite quickly. After a few evenings gone, I attempted to do some pre-shading which turned out horribly. I prepared my white paint mixture but it was also not bright enough. The gray primer and the black paint made my parts too dark so I’m doing another layer of newly mixed white over them. I could get lazy and simply slap on some white without mixing it but the WZC has those soft plastic ‘feathers’ on its wings which don’t take too well to paint, so I had to follow the molded colour.

Getting the white parts done would take a few rounds as I have to deal with seams on the wings too. I think those will take some time to get done, following which it’s the other colours. I also ran out of my white colour mix and had to prepare another batch. Needless to say I couldn’t get the exact colour right and that was more time spent. Some of the parts can only be painted after the other coloured parts are painted, so that is a hassle.


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