Fixing my own mistakes

Happy Holidays! Didn’t have enough time to put up a special post as I was busy these few days. Despite having less than 2 weeks before school resumes I found myself working and spending even less time at home.

In my previous post I mentioned I had plans for my Wing Zero Custom. I guess there’s  no point keeping them a secret since there would be no progress updates otherwise. First, it’s the details.

I was really glad to be able to find this and a bunch of Kotobukiya parts which I really needed for this project. Gonna act like a pro and slap on a truckload of Kotobukiya parts on this guy.

For panel lines I’ll try to level up my lack of skills.

Got a chisel to help me make more details instead of flooding lines alone. I went to search the internet for tutorials on how to do this to no avail. All I could find were tutorials on how to draw panel lines, nothing new. At first I thought using a scriber alone would be enough, but I ended up with a horrible looking chunk of crap, and then realised I needed the right tool for the job. This is only a single width, but brands like Sujiborido offer an assortment of widths that cater to the highest-level panel liners.

Here’s an example of what it can do. Left: before, right: after.

Along with K parts and panel lines, it’s also necessary to spam those pla-plates.

The poor guy’s feet became my guinea pigs.

One problem with the hands is that they cannot hold the buster rifles at all. Good thing they re-used the Ver.ka runners, as you would end up with 2 pairs of hands! That means I could mess up one pair with another pair to spare.

I stuck a piece of brass wire so it would work like the tabs in the newer releases.

Hoping I would nail things right, I made holes in the corresponding positions in the handles of the guns. Things turned out better than I expected, so now I have 2 pairs of hands. The downside is that only 1 pair of the hand armour pieces are provided.

Also before I got the chisel, I made a big mistake which took a week to fix.

It’s a long story which would probably confuse anybody but I went to cut the front thigh armour pieces apart and realised I was doing it wrong, so I tried to undo my mistake. As I removed quite a bit of material during the cut it wasn’t sufficient to simply cement the parts back together. I tried using my epoxy putty to join things but it wasn’t very sticky (probably due to it being a few years old already), and the contact area was also probably too small as well. Re-attached the parts using 1mm sheet styrene and reinforced them with some brass wire. Didn’t take any pics though as I just winged it. Hopefully after all the puttying and sanding it would look as normal as possible.

Aaaaand the second plan is still anyone’s guess.

This is taking much longer than I expected.

5 thoughts on “Fixing my own mistakes”

  1. Where can I find the chisel?
    I am using a hobby knife for that purpose until now, time to find a right tool as well ^^

    1. I got it from M Workshop. I think it’s a reasonably priced set for someone like me who’s new into this sort of work. You can buy different sized chisels online but they are much more expensive.

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