figma Homura Akemi

It was almost necessary for me to get figma Homura to pair up with her Madoka. In my review of figma Madoka I mentioned that I was disappointed with its quality. This time round I didn’t have high expectations. In terms of quality control, Homura somehow did much better.

Package contents. Homura comes quite generously packed as the standard small-size figma box hides a second tray that specially holds just her extra hairstyle alone. You get a lower arm with her shield, a pistol, a pipe bomb, 2 extra faces, a pair of glasses, a gold club, a bazooka, 8 extra hands (3 left hands, 5 right hands), and the extra hairstyle part. The extra number of right hands are for holding her various accessories.

Overall views. Homura has a simpler design compared to her BFF, and the overall quality is much better as well. The paint job is better done.

The printing on the faces are well-done, but I have issues with them as I find them somewhat strange-looking and I can’t pinpoint the exact reason.

All faces allow for her glasses to be clipped on, so you can mix and match her hairstyle, glasses and expression.

The braids hairstyle is made of flexible plastic and does not have any joints.

Her clothes are much simpler in design so the paint mistakes are less obvious. The entire body is made of soft plastic and the cuts for upper waist joint are well-hidden.

Soul Gem on the left hand.

The cut for the upper waist joint is only visible from behind.

The figma joints on the legs are slightly more purple.

The figure can’t really look up due to the non-moving parts at the back of the head getting in the way. The longer bits of hair on the front hair piece are made of soft plastic.

Elbow joints are the standard figma versions, not the shrunken ones. The upper waist joint is practically useless as the soft plastic still isn’t flexible enough to allow her torso to twist in any direction at all.

The skirt is made of a single piece of flexible plastic so forward leg articulation is limited.

The extra lower arm with her shield. It is attached via a peg so you can rotate or detach it. However, you cannot display the shield opened up.


Bazooka. The trigger is removable. It can’t rest of Homura’s shoulders so it’s just perched precariously on her arm and hair.

One of the extra right hands allows for the bazooka to be held in a different fashion.

Pipe bomb. Also has a right hand dedicated to holding it.

Golf club. While it’s not a frequently encountered prop in the show, it is still quite well-made and it was nice to be included with the figure.

I can’t really make it do the Shaft pose that well.

Conclusion? I was pleasantly surprised by this figure. While I don’t like the faces, the rest of the figure is well-made and it comes with quite a few accessories. Homura uses all sorts of physical weapons, so if you have any other weapons that are in the same scale, it adds on to her play value as you can pose her using all sorts of weapons to beat up those Witches. However, there may be concerns about her clothes staining as the coloured areas like the ribbons may stain her white dress. Anyway, I’d recommend her over Madoka any day, but she might be harder to find now due to the popularity of the series.



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