After an 8-combo streak I ran out of toys to review for my one post a week regime (not necessarily a bad thing :), and I still can’t bear to open any of my Nendoroids) so I had to let this ‘secret’ out.

As above. Again it’s been a long time since my previous Gundam kit, but I’ve wanted to build one of these for quite some time already. When the MG Delta Plus was announced I got sidetracked a little, and then came Gundam Unicorn ep. 4 which sidetracked me a lot with all the mecha porn (Sieg Zeon). I kept to my own promise and was a little surprised to be able to find this guy easily right after my exams.

He can’t even hold his rifles. Oh dear.

It took a week to get this guy built up, and now I’ve torn it back apart and gone down to the chores. I’ve got a little plan for this guy which I envisioned for a long time, and it’s gonna be quite difficult to pull off at least with my rusty, horribly noob skills. I thought of getting one of those add-on kits for some wing overkill but decided against it later on. For now I’ll be sticking to the out-of-box kit with maybe some minor changes to the colour scheme – not metallic colours this time.

I’m not sure whether I can actually finish this by the end of the year, since I’m already facing several roadblocks with my plans and I haven’t even gotten around to sanding all the parts down. Gonna do a third resupply trip to see if the shops carry the one specific tool I need. I hope I can get enough done to be able to post updates weekly.


10 thoughts on “NEXT MISSION”

  1. The extra wings look good on certain poses, or if you are doing flying diorama IMO.

    You? Noob skill? Eheheh you are so humble bro 😀

    1. I think Tom is right in saying that they look tacky. Anyway I really am quite noob compared to pros like you hehe. Still got a long way to go in terms of customizing skills. Also severely lacking imagination. Hahaha!

    1. Haha I am indeed not rushing… I’m so slow this time round and I’m working. Worried I might have to put this away if I can’t finish it before school… Yea Ep 4 was mostly boring and they’re deviating more and more from the original storyline so I stopped caring about the story and concerned myself with the fights.

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