SH Figuarts Barnaby Brooks Jr.

Good Luck Mode

Here’s a review of Bunny. I was lucky to be able to pre-order him when I bought Wild Tiger and I only went to collect him after my exams ended. I had somewhat high expectations (not sure why) but was completely let down by the figure. I’ll tell you why later.

Seriously, that’s all you get. A pair of generic open hands. Agito syndrome. I was really disappointed when I found this out. To make things worse, Bandai is pulling off a Trinity Form by releasing extra hands with Darkness Bunny. Fuuuu~

The included stand. The included stand. Why bother putting his name twice if he’s using his own name? Why bother putting his name twice if he’s using his own name?

Overall views. WordPress changed the conditions for displaying shrunken images so the images in all my old reviews are all in full size. Bunny looks just like his animated counterpart. Clear parts are used where required, but there are fewer clear areas compared to Wild Tiger.

One of the bunny ears on my figure isn’t as sharp as the other and it is slightly bent with white stress marks. So much for the protective space around the head in the package. I’d give some credit for Bandai trying hard to paint the complicated face patterns.

Bandai logo emblazoned across his chest and a little emblem on the left side. The pink lines on the stomach are supposed to be clear but the pink paint looks too milky to look convincing.

Just look at the crack marks on the left arm. Oh god. 😦 😦 The right arm is fine though. The details on the hands are painted.

Legs look a bit similar to Wild Tiger’s with the nice die-cast feet.

On the other hand it looks as though the paint on the feet has been chipped in several areas.

Good Luck Mode right leg. The middle part of the leg is supposed to be gold but we saw that coming as the promotional pictures showed it in dark gray. And the limited Darkness Bunny has it painted correctly…

Surprisingly it has a complete double knee joint and a rather limited ankle ball joint with a movable ankle cover (the pink piece on the front).

Attaching the leg is done by pulling out the existing leg at the thigh swivel and replacing it.

As expected, head articulation is horribly limited due to the high collar.

The waist joint is more flexible than Wild Tiger’s though.

Typical arm articulation, but the wrist joints are gone leaving only the ball attachment points for the hands. I guess they’re not needed because of the arm gauntlets getting in the way. Oh and on my figure the right elbow joint has chipped paint due to the arm gauntlet rubbing against it. Sigh…

The hip joints, despite being the movable type, are slightly more constrained but kneeling poses are still fine. On my figure both hip joints were impossibly tight so I had to grease them with some shock oil.

Again with the limited ankle articulation, that’s as far as you can spread the legs with both feet still firmly on the ground.

The two “tails” on the back have their own ball joints. They have some inner frame mechanical detail underneath the clear canopies.

A replacement right arm gauntlet is provided with Amazon Japan’s logo printed on it. It’s possible replace the cracked left arm on my figure with the logo upside down though.

Barnaby prefers kicks to punches.

That horrible left arm.

Rider Kick~






Tiger and Bunny, over and out!

Didn’t have an Uva for them to attack since Japan has some fascination with Uva getting his ass handed to him.

“Why are you smiling?”

“I’m not smiling.”

“So… Will this thing stay like this?”

“My name’s not Bunny. It’s Barnaby.”

So why am I disappointed with this figure knowing that it will be typical Bandai Crap Quality? I think the exceptionally horrible quality on mine took it to the next level. And the shocking lack of extra hands, then finding out that the limited Darkness Bunny and Wild Tiger 1Minute are going to come with extra hands for their counterparts. Especially Wild Tiger 1Minute which is exactly the same except with an extra emblem at the back of the neck, no Good Luck Mode, a whopping 6 pairs of hands for those comedic poses and it’s cheaper than the normal release. If they could give Bunny an extra arm gauntlet, why not do it with Wild Tiger? But I digress.

Out of fairness I decided to give 2 stars rather than 1. Deducted stars for articulation, unusually bad quality and for Bandai milking to the max making you buy exclusives just to get a decent selection of hands. Tamashii Web, oh you.



10 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Barnaby Brooks Jr.”

  1. That… crack/scratch mark… wow… that Is a pain… And now Bandai is pulling a more epic-level of milking: milking action figures.

    And for the accessories, or lack of thereof, I’m disappointed…

    And yes, it does deserve a low rating. From the QC and additionals…

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