SH Figuarts Birth CLAWs Set

I ordered this item from a middleman service at the last minute before the pre-order window closed and due to some hiccups it was only shipped almost a month after its release. Strangely the postal service was incredibly fast and I got it 3 days after I got my shipping notice. Those of you who have seen the review for it somewhere else would probably know that the actual product looks like a cheap bootleg compared to the promotional pictures.

No clear window on the box this time round. What is Kamen Rider Birth without his weapons? SHF Birth was a let-down as it didn’t come with any of its capsule weapons, so I gave in and got this to go along. Seriously, this guy is like the father of Kamen Rider Fourze. Bandai must have realized how big a cash cow this gimmick could be and made it the main theme in Fourze.

Package contents. One look at the stuff and you can instantly notice the horrendously cheap-looking gray plastic used on the parts. You get the various capsule weapons, a milk can, a bunch of attachment parts for the weapons, the Gorilla Candroid in active and can modes, and replacement chest armour pieces.

The parts assembled into the CLAWs Scorpion. I realised I had the left and right arms swapped after I uploaded the pictures.

Date’s trusty milk can. It has holes for a shoulder strap to go through (but none are provided) and it opens up to reveal that it is full of Cell Medals that are stuck inside, along with a Scorpion Cell Medal right in the centre.

The Gorilla Candroid is also included as a static display piece in both active and can modes.

Drill Arm. The drill can rotate but the joint is rather tight. The hand is detached and an attachment part is clipped around the wrist brace. The existing wrist joint then connects to a hole inside the weapon.

Crane Arm. The boom is extendable. An extra shoulder pad is provided to replace the original. Not sure why as it seems unnecessary. The Crane Arm is attached to the wrist joint.

An included wire allows the hook to be extended. The Drill Arm can also attach using an attachment part on the hook.

Shovel Arm. The jaw is movable. It attaches the same way as the Drill Arm.

Breast Cannon. The chest armour pieces are exchanged with those given in the CLAWs set. The cannon attaches via a peg on the chest.

Cutter Wing. The wings can fold up.

Here’s a look at the replacement chest pieces. They don’t have the clear orbs on them but at least they aren’t left in the crappy gray color.

Caterpillar Leg. The feet areas are movable but their range is quite limited and aren’t very show-accurate. The figure also stands somewhat precariously on the edges of the legs. The die-cast feet are removed and a pair of attachment parts are clipped on the lower legs. The Caterpillar Legs connect to the holes in the ankles.

*pop~* “Drill Arm”

“Crane Arm”

“Shovel Arm”

“Breast Cannon”

Breast Cannon Shoot~ “Cell Burst”

“Cutter Wing”

“Caterpillar Leg”

I think during the show the CLAWs Scorpion was somewhat larger than Birth itself. It looks a little underwhelming now.

Birth Day. Only someone like Kougami the Cake Boss would give a name like that.

Unfortunately it is difficult to put the figure into a decent pose as the right arm is quite heavy and most of the weapons just get in the way. Also on my figure the hip joints are incredibly loose and I didn’t fix them for this review. The total weight of the figure is also too much for my stand to take without sagging. :/ It’s a classic case of “you are over-encumbered and cannot run.”

Front and back views.

Looking at this promotional picture of the CLAWs Scorpion, you could probably conclude that Bandai shafted its victims with a bait-and-switch. Some have suggested drawing in the panel lines to make it less cheap-looking. The CLAWs Set gives you practically unlimited play value as you can use any combination of weapons. However the OCC series counterpart does the exact same thing for a fraction of the price – Shewsbury Land has a comprehensive review. Now that Birth Prototype has been announced and it includes a Breast Cannon and Crane Arm, you can see the cheap plastic used on them in the photos. The CLAWs Set cost a fair bit more than Birth itself and looks so cheap. Now the exclusive Birth Prototype is only a bit more expensive than Birth itself. Why…

My conclusion? Not really recommended. Those who canceled their pre-orders saved a fair bit of money. I think you can find this on second-hand retailers for less than Bandai’s asking price.


Extra: Music Time!

edit: oh my god screw you wordpress for removing the ability to display smaller images in ALL of my entries now all of them are all in full size and despite shrinking them in the previews they still show up full size on the site

5 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Birth CLAWs Set”

  1. Yeah, I’m surprised too looking at the pictures and review, it’s like bandai doesn’t even care about painting it.
    I’m glad that at least bandai keep their word when releasing Dragreder painted in metallic red

    1. Yeah, Dragreder was a joy compared to the miserable excuse that is the CLAWs set. But Ryuki was probably a case of Bandai destroying its competition, hence the exceptionally high-quality release. I think this sort of disappointing quality won’t end soon.

    1. You’re right on that, I couldn’t get in touch with the middleman and I was ready to cancel the order if they couldn’t secure the item for me, but I got it in the end.

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