Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen

Got my first Chogokin and it’s an SRC, considered by Chogokin collectors to be a budget series/”baby’s first steps”. The figures are smaller, cheaper and lighter than those in the full-fledged Chogokin lines.

To the uninitiated, Super Robot Wars is a crossover turn-based strategy game. The PTX-003 Alteisen is one of the prominent original mechs in the franchise and probably got famous from its appearance in the Original Generation series, where some of the games were translated into English.

Funny how Bandai made the package design for this line. If the plastic window is so small, why not omit it altogether?

Package contents. Looking like a budget item indeed. Alteisen comes with one extra pair of open hands, effect parts for the Heat Horn and Revolver Stake, and a Tamashii Stage attachment.

After straightening up the figure, Alteisen stands awesomely menacing. I wonder if the bulk would affect its articulation…

A look at where the die-cast parts are on the figure: the shoulder joints, hip joints, Revolver Stake, lower legs and the inner part of the feet.

The paint job is probably one of the best I’ve seen from a toy, with no serious imperfections as far as I can tell. There are different types of paint applied, from matte black to the (slightly pale) metallic green on the cameras, and the glossy red. Perhaps it’s a testament to the quality of a Chogokin series, but I’m not sure since this is my only experience of the line. You can still tell which parts are painted or molded in colour though.

Left arm.

Right arm. The Revolver Stake screams with die-cast.

The insides of the verniers are also painted. The 4 verniers on the backpack are on ball joints, and the flaps on the shoulders are movable as well.

The waist armour parts are done Gundam-style with the front and side plates on ball joints, and the back plate fixed.

The painted red parts are glossy and have a bit of sparkle in them. By the way, that big painted chunk of lower leg is die-cast. It lowers the centre of gravity and makes the figure stable and heavy.

Effect parts.

The Heavy Claymore hatches opened. The inner doors don’t open though.

The cylinder on the Revolver Stake can swing out and spin.

Articulation. The neck and waist joints can extend for added range.

Despite the bulky shoulders, the die-cast shoulder joints can swing and the shoulders can lift upwards. The elbow joints can bend 90 degrees. The hands are on ball joints. They don’t have their own wrist joints, but that isn’t much of an issue. The horns on the head may be blocked by the shoulders sometimes.

The hip joints are also die-cast and have a wide range of motion. They are quite tight though.

The ankle joints can be pulled out for a wide range of motion. The black part on the front of the lower leg can swing out. The feet can bend but they are limited to bending downwards only.

The figure can somewhat kneel with the bulky legs. The knees are double-jointed but can only bend around 90 degrees.

3 barrel machine cannon.

The figure was too heavy for my old Tamashii Stage Act 1 to support. I guess the newer stands which don’t have the arms separate from the joints would do better in holding this guy up.

Heat Horn.

Revolver Stake.

Pulling off some Trump Card.

Heavy Claymore.

All in all I really enjoyed messing with this guy. Articulation is great despite the bulky proportions, the die-cast materials give it a nice heft and solid feel, and the joints are tight but smooth. Now this guy just needs Weissritter to perform some Rampage Ghost…


8 thoughts on “Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen”

  1. Alteisen… the last word in high-speed bulky mecha… And requires a second Tesla generator to support the weight…

    And yes, this is a great figure, especially when you’re pulling some action shots with another mecha/Rider. =D

    1. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I do have a Kotobukiya 1/144 Huckebein Mk.III lying around somewhere and it looks like they are in similar scale. But I built it back when I was a total noob at gunpla so it looks pretty horrible. Maybe one day I’ll touch it up…

  2. I heard someone call my name 😀
    I have the weiss, very solid and cool looking as well
    this line has good quality with affordable price.

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