figma Hatsune Miku Append Ver.

Did a little edit on my previous reviews by including a score – that should make it easier for readers and for me to write my verdict as well.

Despite not being a huge fan of Miku, I liked her Append costume and face so I ordered her on impulse. The deceptively large package belies the fact that she doesn’t come with much accessories, and it’s a bit of a let down.

Like figma Luka, the background is a nice reflective sheet with a cutout for a di:stage stand.

Package contents. You get 2 extra faces, 3 extra pairs of hands, and parts to convert Miku into her Awakened (?) mode. It appears that the larger package size is to accommodate her huge hair and not much else. Not pictured is the standard figma stand with a waist clip and the usual parts bag.

Overall views. This is another figure with clear hair. Compared to figma KOS-MOS, I think it’s better-rendered this time round as the parts are more translucent with a gradient paint job.

Her default face looks much better than the original figma Miku. The sideways-looking eyes somewhat restrict the flexibility of using this face though. The gradated paint is not restricted to her twin tails alone – it’s applied to all the hair areas. Nice touch there.

From the back you can see her twin tails are on figma joints that are smaller than usual. Good thing they still support their weight equally well. The two sharp things at the back of her head are also translucent.

Her dress is nicely detailed and the stamp printed details on the sides of her waist also align nicely considering the fact that the stomach is a detachable part.

The arms have a gradient paint job. The shoulder part is differently designed and exposes more of the shoulder joint, but it increases its range of movement. The elbow joint uses the smaller-sized joint as with figma Madoka. Wonder if it’s a trend or an exception. However, there is a fairly obvious seam down the lower arm, and the paint on the back of the left arm on my figure is ruined. Not exactly easy to fix considering the colour gradient at the affected area.

The strange fingers make it look like they are permanently giving you the finger.

The chunky bit on her hips are mounted on ball joints at the sides.

There is some sort of attachment on the back which also allows either a tail or the figma stand to peg into it. You can see the botched paint on the left arm.

The Crypton logo on her anklet is nicely printed. The anklet is a separate part. Also, unusual bare feet.

Extra faces. Sadly the face with closed eyes has some paint residue left behind. I remember some people mutilating figma Saber Lily’s face so that they could fit it onto their Miku. I can’t help but cringe every time I hear this. At least now these faces are compatible with the original Miku so I guess whatever remaining Saber Lilies are spared.

A pair of randomly-coloured headphones were included as part of some promotion. The head band is flexible and ear cups can rotate.

Articulation is quite standard. The twin tails can also move freely.

Like I mentioned earlier, the arms can lift up much higher than usual at the expense of exposed shoulder joints.

The hip joints are slightly hindered by the dress and the thing on the hips.

A shot with the parts swapped. The upper arms, stomach and the things on the hips are swapped and a tail is clipped onto the back.

With the tail attached, it is no longer possible to use the peg on the figma stand, so the provided waist clip is used instead.

In my opinion it would have been better if this release came with a special stand like the Nendoroid version. Without it, it’s still a fairly nice figure despite the minor paint job complaints which aren’t as bad as those on Madoka. In terms of playability, it’s not as fun to play with as the normal Miku because of the lack of accessories and I guess most people would prefer her normal costume as well.



8 thoughts on “figma Hatsune Miku Append Ver.”

  1. Wow… that’s a big, empty box… Just to fit in her hair…
    But, my word, the hair translucency is a lot better and oh… the smaller elbow joint meaning… that certain figmas will use those instead?

    Mmm… her awaken face is smexy… A kind of face I love to see. In bed. XD

    1. The smaller elbow joints look better but I’m not sure whether all the figmas are getting it. So far I only know Madoka and Miku Append have it.

      Haha it’s her “adult” face indeed.

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