figma Madoka Kaname

People who never watched Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica would assume that this is another one of those typical magical girl anime series. I think it’s a series that takes the typical genre mould and throws it out the window with the force of a thousand burning suns. I was thinking of a few other strong words to describe this show but I think I’ll stop here.

Those who have yet to watch this series and want to avoid any and all kinds of spoilers at all would want to skip this review as this figure is essentially one big 3000-yen spoiler.

With the spoiler warning out of the way, here’s Madoka Kaname in her magical girl costume which ‘officially’ appears in the finale of the series. For that reason I somewhat preferred her in her school uniform as it got much more screen time. Unfortunately back when those of us who watched the series as it aired and were nuts over it, there was no indication of a uniform version, and now that it’s confirmed, it’s also a PSP game bundled exclusive. Having this version in my hands, I’m not sure if I want to pay a kidney and get the uniform version from a used toy shop anymore.

Package contents. You get 4 extra pairs of hands, an extra right hand for holding her arrows, her bow in stick and bow modes, 4 arrows, Kyubey, 2 extra faces and 2 Grief Seeds. Not pictured is the standard figma stand and parts bag.

Overall views. Compared to the prototype pictures, Madoka appears to have gained some weight. Must be the cakes. She is slightly shorter, at around 12.5 cm.

The series’ trademark of stretched faces is maintained, and the unique eyes are also recreated on the figure. The Soul Gem below her neck is also nicely painted.

Extra faces. She comes with a shocked face,

and a determined face.

As you can see, the paint job on the yellow front of her dress is shoddy and that glob of paint can be peeled off to reveal white plastic underneath. This isn’t good as the front piece is made of soft plastic and actually slides underneath her skirt.

The pink trim on her sleeves are also bleeding onto the arms. The puffy shoulder parts are made of soft plastic. Also of note are the smaller elbow joints. I think they look less obtrusive.

The large skirt is joined to the back of the figure via a standard joint. It is made of two layers and the front dress piece is wedged between them so the skirt can be moved upwards with the front piece sliding into it. With the crap paint on my figure, there is a greater risk of damaging the paint on the front piece.

The ribbons on her ankles are made of soft plastic.

Everyone’s favourite Kyubey. It has a ball joint in the head. The tail is too heavy to stand upright so it topples frequently. It’s only 2.5 cm tall but fairly well-painted.

You can see how the front piece slides into the skirt by counting the number of buttons. 4 here,

and 5 here. Her hair is on ball joints with pegs in the head, and the ribbons are movable as well.

The chest joint has a fairly wide range of motion if you don’t mind the front piece twisting.

Leg articulation is surprisingly maintained as the skirt can be moved upwards.

Accessories. This is her wand (or bow?) in stick form.

Bow form. It would have been great if the flame effect on the flower were included.

The extra right hand is used to hold the arrow by wedging it in place. I have no idea why 4 arrows are included since she can’t hold all of them with one hand, and even if you were to recreate an arrow shower scene, no extra stands are included. Maybe you can use them as toothpicks.

The Grief Seed is really tiny and here it just sits in the hand. Despite its tiny size it still looks fairly detailed.

Appearing before some random magical girl in some other timeline/universe.

The series was a pretty big hit so it may be a bit difficult to get this figure now. My copy has that annoying paint glob but the paint job is mostly pretty good otherwise. Due to the nature of her character, the other characters in the series get more accessories than she does. I’d say it’s a slightly mediocre figure bolstered by her protagonist status and the sheer popularity of the series.



6 thoughts on “figma Madoka Kaname”

  1. Wow… never expect that she could kneel down. D=

    She’s pretty fun to with, especially with bow of Yuri-ness to hit to other girls with. XD

    You should try posing her with Kamen Rider Ryuki together in a certain pose. =D

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