SH Figuarts Wild Tiger

Good Luck Mode

Did this image in a quick 5-minute job. From the results of my poll last week, Wild Tiger shall get his review first.

Tiger and Bunny is an anime set in a fictionalized version of New York City, in which people with superhuman powers exist. A group of them work as superheroes as their jobs and their activities are broadcast on television as a sort of reality contest where they vie for points. Wild Tiger, an old-fashioned veteran hero with a declining popularity, is forced to work with a rookie who shares completely different opinions.

That said, I watched this anime after seeing the awesome designs for the powered suits. It’s a great show which is lighthearted most of the time, and the plot darkens and thickens during the second half. Characters are likeable, and the show challenges superhero stereotypes in a manner similar to how Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica did the same for the magical girl genre. You can see how these superheroes struggle with their jobs, deal with corporate sponsorship and their personal lives. Oh and apparently, it’s a hit with female viewers.

As is the case with most SHF preorders, this guy sold out in an instant and I had to trawl the shops looking for him. I paid a hefty price equivalent to two regular SHF figures to get him. Is he worth the extra money? After this review, I’m not that sure.

The package bears many similarities with regular SHF boxes except it has a nice matte finish.

Package contents. You get a pair of grappling hook launchers, two extra pairs of hands, a replacement right arm and a Tamashii Stage Act 4 stand. It seems like Bandai has followed the design of the figma stands by eliminating the rotating arms and clicky base joint. It’s a good thing as the rotating arms on the Act 1 stands can’t hold up the weight of a figure without sagging.

Overall views. Wild Tiger looks exactly like his 3D animated counterpart. Proportions are even more exaggerated compared to SHF Faiz, but this is all accurate to the style of the show. There’s a gloriously generous use of clear parts.

You can’t really tell from this picture but there’s a glob of paint on his right cheek. 😦 Besides that, the rest of the details are fairly well-painted, including the black lines underneath the eyes.

The torso has the stamp printed Softbank logo and Wild Tiger emblem. Clear parts are used on the abdomen.

SH Figuarts decal on the right shoulder and another Softbank decal on the left.

The arm gauntlet thing has a really sharp tip. More clear parts everywhere. Unfortunately the hands are unpainted, which is a pity.

Clear parts on the tops of the thighs and the knees.

Even the ankles and feet have clear parts inside them.

The bottom of the feet are painted as well. Surprisingly, they are diecast.

The Wild Shoot grappling hook launchers have movable handles.

They are attached by removing the gauntlets, attaching the launchers to them and reattaching the gauntlets back on the arms.

The right arm in Good Luck Mode. Those who have watched the show will know how awesome this mode is; I shan’t put any spoilers.

There are no moving parts on this thing. It’s lighter than it looks, but still puts a lot of strain on the arm.

Attaching the arm is done by replacing the original arm at the elbow.

Articulation for this figure is actually slightly sub-par.

The head is enclosed by the high collar so the range of movement is severely limited.

You can get it to look to the sides by craning the neck forward. The torso is also quite limited in range. Arms are standard, though the shoulder armour pieces can get in the way of the body when you play around with the shoulder joints.

The hip joints are the movable variety. Sadly the ankle joints are quite limited. The figure is quite stable as it has large diecast feet.

Here’s a size comparison with a typical SHF figure.

Wild Shoot~


3… 2… 1…

Tiger and Bunny, over and out!

So is this figure worth it? Despite the great proportions and glorious clear parts, it has slightly mediocre articulation for its line and the usual quality issues which hurt the figure given that it’s much more expensive at 4500 yen retail compared to a typical SHF figure. Unless you’re a big fan of the show or really like the design, I don’t think it’s worth the extra price and effort hunting this guy down.


9 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Wild Tiger”

  1. Have to agree, sculpt-wise is very accurate but the limitations are a bit of a downer…

    Still… Imagine this guy does a team-up with other suited heroes busting bad guys. Nice, eh? =D

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