Well well well

When I said previously that I had several items en route, it never occurred to me how much I was going to spend on them.

Until now. Then I realised I still have a Nendoroid Tachikoma sitting somewhere unopened.

I got Alteisen because my points on Hobby Search were going to expire soon and I didn’t want to forfeit them. Wanted to buy it back in Japan alongside Weissritter (Rampage Ghost ftw), so when I saw it in stock I decided to spend my points. In the end because of bad exchange rates, I didn’t save much. I make my preorders on Amiami now so I couldn’t save on shipping either. The two figmas were preorders from Amiami, and I threw Ryuki along when I spotted him in stock too. That saved me a few weekend hours as I didn’t have to scour the shops for him. On the other hand, I was still going outside these past two weeks searching for Wild Tiger since he was a pretty hot item too. Got him and made an order for Bunny for a very hefty price. They’re probably more expensive than those Tamashii Web exclusives. I couldn’t complain though, since there was no other means to get those two.

And about those mini-review things… as expected, my phone’s camera isn’t spectacular, and if I do all the editing and uploading on my computer it will take half a day just like a full-fledged review. Maybe I’ll find a way to post them directly from my phone.

In the meantime, lemme try out one of those poll thingies.

I think I’ll give this a week or something. If the results aren’t conclusive, I’ll write reviews of them in any order I like.

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