Content management fail

I can’t believe I left my blog dead for almost 2 months. I don’t have any good excuses to give since I had horrible content (or lack thereof) management. Also during this period I didn’t get any new stuff so there was nothing to review. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing for me since I’ve been drowning in school work this semester. It’s definitely a bad thing for this blog though, so I may have to do some things a little differently.

First, I’ll have to beef up my time and content management skills. They will be put to the test in the next few weeks since I have several items en route. There is a trade-off between doing reviews almost as quickly as Japanese bloggers, or providing new content on a regular basis. Since I usually get my stuff shipped at the end of the month, it’s more important to upload content regularly rather than sporadically. Hopefully I can slack less and use the free time to write my reviews. Oh and I hope my computer doesn’t fail half the time while uploading the photos.

Second, which is kinda related to the first, I have to reflect on my blog content. I’ve called myself toy-obsessed, but I feel like this blog doesn’t really show that. I have still been buying random toys now and then, but they have never appeared here. They’re not like figure reviews which can span a few dozen photos, so if I decide to post them up, they would be more like mini-reviews.

I think I’ll officially retire my Sony camera which has graciously taken almost 3000 photos before its lens decided to stop behaving. My dad has abandoned his camera which I have been using since my Japan trip back in July, but I also have the camera on my phone. I switched my Nokia E71 for an Android device back in August, so I’ll see if the camera is good enough for my “mini-reviews”.


6 thoughts on “Content management fail”

  1. Well… If you have out of ideas, why not do a simple photo snap of your collections, in various poses. Think of it as a “filler” post. XD

  2. your still doing better than myself… 7 months i wasnt able to work on a post till now XD and i have queued post for a year back! down times are bound to happen just hopefully we dont let them go for too long lol

    anyways i agree with bd, random shots or post about parts of your collection we have yet to see would be cool!

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