SH Figuarts Masked Rider Faiz Axel Form

“Start Up”

Several months ago I saw the exclusive SHF Faiz Axel go up for preorder and I knew I had to find a middleman service and get him some way or another. And that was the first time I used such a service. Since then I’ve had a couple of exclusive figures but they were all bought from secondhand shops.

According to the Kamen Rider Wiki, Axel Form is Faiz’s mid-season upgrade and is capable of traveling at the speed of sound for 10 seconds. It also allows him to execute his finishing moves multiple times during the high-speed time window.

I guess it isn’t surprising to say that Axel Form is my favorite.

Package contents. The accessories are identical to normal Faiz except with the addition of the Axel Watch. The good thing is that unlike Blaster Form, Axel Form is able to use some of the accessories without any inconsistencies.

Overall views. Axel Form has a different head taken from the Blaster Form mold, and a new upper body and left arm. The rest are identical to normal Faiz. He has also caught the new trend of having matte black for his body. The color scheme is also altered, with the red stripes being replaced by bright silver, and the yellow eyes now red. And as expected, no silver fingertips.

The head is identical to Blaster Form except with a different color scheme.

The new chest is molded and painted in great detail.

The left arm is a new mold with holes to accommodate the Axel Watch.

The legs are also identical to normal Faiz except for the color changes. Feet are diecast as per the other Faiz variations.

The back of the shoulder flaps have sculpted details to them. Nice touch there.

The shoulder flaps are on ball joints and can kinda fold onto the chest.

I’ll skip the articulation bit as he’s essentially the same as his other variations except for the reduction in range of the shoulder joints which are blocked by the shoulder pads.

An extra Axel Watch with the Axel Mission Memory attached is provided and Bandai calls it a “bonus” part. Too bad it’s quite useless as it can’t be used on normal Faiz, and the Watch never has the Memory in it during Axel Form. The rest of the accessories are repeats from normal Faiz.

You get a right hand with the Faiz Shot attached.

Faiz Pointer deployed on the right leg.

Faiz Edge.

Now on to the useless Faiz Phone, Phone Blaster and with the Faiz Pointer attached as a scope. Since the Axel Mission Memory is inserted onto the Faiz Phone for transformation into Axel Form, the phone ought to have the Mission Memory painted in Axel colors, but it’s not. So that’s a bit of inconsistency going on. I think the Phone has never been used as a weapon during Axel Form in the TV series either.

All 3 forms side-by-side. Faiz, Faiz Axel and Blaster Forms.


First Henshin.

“Start Up” 99, 98, 97, …

Getting ready for some Axel Grand Impact.

Running at the speed of sound.

Of course, who can forget the godly multiple-hitting Axel Crimson Smash?

It would have been perfect if Bandai included the Crimson Smash effect part like the Deforide version.

Axel Form is my favorite variation as he has the best-looking color scheme in my opinion. He retains the same characteristics of his other variations, except for the impeded shoulder joints. Now with all his forms completed, I would recommend Axel Form based on his appearance alone, but normal Faiz if you are tight on budget and can only pick one out of the three.

“3, 2, 1, Time Out.”


Extra nonsense ahead!

It took me many years to finally figure out how CG effects were used for the transformation.

This is probably my next favorite scene after the Black and Black RX EPIC CROSSOVER fight.


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    1. This figure was released fairly recently so if you want you should take the chance and buy it off the secondary market before its price rises to ridiculous levels.

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