Robot Damashii Evangelion Unit 02 Production Model

Got my Eva-02 alongside 01. Since the two of them are quite similar, I’ll be skipping the articulation bit. Again, some cosmetic differences between the Rebuild movies and TV series are the narrow shoulders, the new crown on the head and some slight changes to the color scheme.

Package contents. You get 4 extra pairs of hands and 1 weapon-holding right hand, a pair of progressive knives, flight unit parts, electromagnetic crossbow, Thunder Spear and an umbilical cable.

Overall views. The stock Eva-02 is very much like a recolor of Eva-01 except for the different head and chest.

Eva-02’s head reminds me of a rooster. Could be the crown, long chin and the color scheme.

Unfortunately the left shoulder blade thing on my figure is marred by a patch of black paint.

The legs are identical to Eva-01 except for the color differences.

Equipped with the flight unit. The shoulder blades are replaced, and the lower arm blades are also removed and replaced.

Rear view. There are no movable parts on the flight unit though.

Progressive knife. It has a different design.

Electromagnetic crossbow. Or was it a needle gun? Also, no movable parts despite the convincing folding stock.

Thunder spear. Also a single plastic piece.

Also not shown is the umbilical cable which is identical to Eva-01.

The Revoltech Evangelion Evolution version trumps the RD with the inclusion of various fancy gimmicks like a stand with a crank to make the figure spin in mid-air.

Like I mentioned in the previous review of Eva-01, there isn’t a distinct winner between the RD and Revoltech versions. While the RD 02 has the Thunder Spear, the Revoltech has a fancier stand and effects to recreate the scene above where it drives a progressive knife into the core of an Angel with its knees more accurately. All in all I’m pretty satisfied with my RDs based on articulation and quality, though my 02 is marred by crap QC on its shoulder blades.


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