Robot Damashii Evangelion Unit 01 Test Type

Continuing the reviews of my loot from Japan, it’s the Robot Damashii Eva 01 which I bought in Akihabara.

I guess there isn’t much explanation needed for such an iconic figure. This one is a rendition of the Eva-01 based on the Evangelion 2.0 movie design. From what I can tell, the primary differences between this one and the TV version would be the narrower shoulders and some minor color differences on the details.

Traditional Robot Damashii packaging with the red stripe down the left side.

Package contents. You get a pair of pallet rifles, a pair of progressive knives, an extra head with mouth open, an extra pair of horns made of hard plastic, an umbilical cable, 5 pairs of extra hands and one more weapon-holding right hand. A printed plastic sheet for the AT Field and a stand for it are also included.

The stand and effect part are assembled like so. The hole in the center is for Eva-01’s hands to recreate a scene in which he tears through an AT Field in the same manner.

Overall views. The figure appears lanky with its long, skinny limbs, just like the movie. The narrower upper torso, part of the movie redesign is also a major change from the TV version making the mech look more like a quick, lean fighting machine rather than a look that projects strength. Most of the parts are colored plastic so there aren’t many painted areas, but the paint job is quite well-done.

The details on the head are great. The horn is made of soft plastic and can be replaced with a hard version.

The thin but long torso contains a large joint which is actually three joints lined up.

From the back, the hole is for the umbilical cable to plug into. The shoulder blade things are fixed so you cannot simulate the progressive knives being deployed from them.

Part of the hip joints is made of soft plastic. The kneecap pieces and the ankle guards are also made of soft plastic. The ankle guards are actually on their own double joints too.

The shoulder blade things are mounted on ball joints above the shoulder joints. The don’t get in the way most of the time.

The underside of the feet have molded and painted detail as well.

Most of you are probably already aware of how awesome the articulation on this guy is. No matter, I’ll be showing it to you anyway. The torso has an incredible triple joint (two ball joints and the large ball-shaped swivel joint). The head is on a joint just like the wrist joints (a ball-shaped hinge tipped with a ball joint) and those of SH Figuarts figures. The lower neck joint is a ball joint.

The shoulder joints are similar to that of SH Figuarts figures as well. The elbow joint is a single joint though.

The hip joints offer probably the widest articulation range possible. However the joints have a visible gap that the hip joint covers don’t hide very well when the legs are open wide. Forward/backward motion is also virtually unrestricted and the figure can probably bend its legs even further back.

Of course, with the double knee joints and the SH Figuarts-style ankle joints, kneeling isn’t a problem at all. In fact, I think its kneeling poses are the best-looking.

This is the extra head with its mouth open for all those scenes where it goes berserk and feral.

I don’t know why Bandai threw in not one but two pallet rifles. I would have liked it more if they provided the sniper rifle or gatling gun but the gatling gun is already included with the exclusive (and very expensive on the secondhand market) Eva-00.

The progressive knives fit snugly in the hands. They are single pieces of plastic and do not fold up.

The umbilical cable is made of flexible wire.

Learning to walk.

Picking up a rifle that appears from underground.

Keep the crosshairs on the target and press the trigger.

Dual wielding.

Melee combat.

Putting matters into its own hands.

Deactivated after being stabbed in the eye by Sachiel.


Berserk mode time!

There has always been a raging debate on whether to pick this one or the Revoltech Evangelion Evolution equivalent. I picked the RD because I didn’t really like the restrictive Revolver joints, and I already had the old Eva-01. However people who aim to complete the Evangelion collection may want to give the Revoltechs a chance as they have all the units covered unlike Bandai which has practically every unit other than 01, 02 and 02 The Beast as exclusives. Those who don’t mind mixing their collection may want to get just RD 01 and 02 and Revoltechs for all the rest as they are much more accessible.


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