figma Misaka Mikoto

Now that I’ve finished my trip log, it’s time to review the stuff I got from Japan. I used a new camera during the trip and I’ll be doing my next few posts with it. It’s my dad’s Canon EOS 550D but I am still quite unfamiliar with all the new settings so please bear with me if the pictures look horrible. I found out quite late that my depth of view was a little too shallow so I only fixed that after a few reviews.

I have a few other reviews of some pretty new toys in the queue but they may have to wait their turn. I would have enjoyed it more if I didn’t have to open all of  my stuff in one go to take photos while there was still sunlight.

figma Misaka Mikoto is an exclusive figure bundled with the To Aru Majutsu no Index PSP game. It seems that the characters of the Railgun side story are being released as exclusives. She’s the main character in the Railgun anime so I would have expected her to be released like a normal figure. Anyway I bought this as a secondhand toy without the game while I was in Shibuya.

The package is that of the PSP game.

The back of the box has photos of the figure alongside game-related images.

This is a fairly lightweight release in terms of accessories.

She comes with 2 extra faces, 3 pairs of hands, one right pointing hand, one hand with her handphone attached, an electric arc effect part and her schoolbag.

Overall views. No complaints about the figure – she looks pretty show-accurate and possibly due to the rather simple character design the paint job is well-done.

The school logo on her uniform vest is very sharp. The vest is made of soft plastic but the cuts on it are quite obvious. It also doesn’t look very good from the back.

Her shorts are extra pieces of soft plastic covering the tops of the legs and are removable. I guess it saves costs as the sculptors need not sculpt an extra pair of legs without shorts to make the MISAKA Sisters.

Extra faces.

Her handphone is reasonably detailed and has the Gekota mascot painted on the back.

One of the extra pairs of hands is a pair of coin-holding hands for her attacks.

The electrical arc effect is made of soft, clear plastic and is attached by removing the hand and sliding the part onto the arm.

Her schoolbag has the Gekota mascot strap as well.

Her upper body articulation isn’t anything special. The back of her hair prevents her head from looking up, and despite the huge cuts all over the vest the chest joint only offers limited rotation. I think it might have been better to mold the entire vest in one piece keeping just the waist joint as the waist joint can rotate all the way around.

The shoulder joints are hidden by the vest so the sleeves appear to be sculpted to allow for a wider range of motion.

The hip joints have the maximum possible articulation range as her skirt is made of two soft plastic halves. The figure is also fairly stable as it is not top-heavy and does not have tiny feet.

Vending machine kick~

Stick to walls skill

Apart from the fact that she is an exclusive figure, figma Misaka Mikoto is a rather ordinary figure. I thought she would be popular enough to warrant a normal release. Having to go through the trouble of paying a middleman or inflated prices on the used market for such a nondescript figure means she’s probably only bought by ardent fans. As for me, I like Kuroko more but I can’t find her anywhere now. They would a pretty good pair just like they are in the Railgun anime.



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