Japan Trip: Days 11 & 12 – Kichijoji, Ueno, Nakano Broadway and…

I’m combining the last 2 days of our trip into one post as we spent most of Day 11 in Kichijoji with a friend who lived there. We met up for lunch and went to the Ghibli Museum.

There was a brief moment when there was no one in the way and I managed this photo.

We hung out for a while and walked to somewhere near Mitaka for dinner at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. The food was good and cheaper than the stuff we have back home.

On Day 12 which was our last day of the trip, we went to Ueno in the morning.

We walked through Ameya Yokocho. I believe it’s a night market street so there weren’t many stalls open in the morning.

Bought tickets to the Tokyo National Museum and walked through the Japanese-themed galleries.

Took the train to Nakano where we had our overdue lunch (or rather, breakfast as we skipped it).

Walked down the shotengai and got to Nakano Broadway. The building was filled with various Mandarake stores and other shops selling specialized stuff for niche markets. There were shops selling diecast cars, watches, train models, and even a store which sold shimapan alongside other anime-themed stuff. Again there were quite a few items I was tempted to buy but didn’t due to a lack of inventory space. I already filled out my auxiliary bag which my mum gave me before the trip, so I left the place with only a used SH Figuarts Skull Crystal.

We realized we didn’t have any donuts during the trip so we searched and found a Mister Donut outlet where we had a few tasty donuts each.

We initially planned to shop in Nakano Broadway for the rest of the day but we finished earlier than expected, so what better way to spend the last few hours in Japan than to go to Akihabara?

Rather than buy stuff, we spent a ton of money playing Taiko Drum Master, and UFO catchers. By nightfall I was all pumped up to take photos with my tripod in tow but it was raining for a bit.

Only managed a picture of Radio Hall.

We got back to our hostel and packed up to leave early next morning. We were lucky we decided to leave a bit earlier than planned as we got on a train in the wrong direction, and got caught in the rush hour squeeze while carrying 3 bags each. We got back to Ikebukuro station where we decided to just take the JR Yamanote Line one last time and switch to the monorail service which would take us to Haneda Airport.

One last shot of Haneda Airport before leaving. We got to Hong Kong where we were hit by rain and winds from a typhoon which delayed our flight home by an hour.


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