Japan Trip: Day 9 – Odaiba

Oh dear, looks like I got overwhelmed by the backlog and broke my one-post-a-day streak. Strangely my internet connection isn’t working very well so my attempts at uploading and inserting images would fail half the time.

Our plan for this day would be to spend it in Odaiba. There were several malls there to explore and we started off with Decks.

Here’s a shot of the mall from just outside the train station.

We had a pretty good view of the Rainbow Bridge from outside Decks.

For breakfast, we had Tako Yaki from the Tako Yaki museum there, another level of stalls selling the same stuff. There were quite a few shops selling stuff so I got several food items as souvenirs for some folks back home. I also finally found dry ramen to buy.

Then it was off to Sega Joypolis where we decided to just get the unlimited passport and try out at least six rides (to balance out the cost). We weren’t supposed to take photographs of the rides. We ended up playing quite a bit before going to Venus Fort

I don’t know if the ferris wheel has a name.

We walked across a bridge which led to Palette Town, where Mega Web and Venus Fort were located.

There was a nice fountain inside Venus Fort. The place is modeled in a Venetian style. There was also a Kiddy Land store but it was way smaller than the one back in Harajuku.

We walked quite a distance from there, across the Yume no Oohashi (literally Big Bridge of Dreams) where the last episode of Kamen Rider W was filmed. Then it was onward to Tokyo Big Sight.

There wasn’t anything going on but it’s the location for Comiket and we just wanted to be physically there.

It wasn’t evening yet and we missed out the Fuji TV Building earlier.

Rather than walk all the way back, we took the monorail there, where we were greeted with a beautiful view of the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower. We knew we had to stay there till nightfall. Again, I wanted to stab myself for not bringing my tripod along. For dinner we had ramen at the ramen museum in Aqua Centre, another level of stalls selling the same stuff.

The bridge wasn’t lit up but the view and location were rather inviting so we stayed around for a while.

Took a shot of the view behind us.

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