Japan Trip: Day 8 – Wonder Festival Dejection

I was pretty stoked for this day as we were going to the toy/garage kit equivalent of Comiket. We woke up early and took a train to reach Makuhari Messe in Chiba which was outside Tokyo before the event began at 10am.

However there were already a ton of people queuing up under the sun.

Finally when we managed to gain entry we made a beeline for the Good Smile Company booth but were misled by the queues and queued in the wrong line.

We found the GSC cashier queue and lined up in the hopes of getting our hands on the limited Nendoroid Madoka. The waiting time was estimated to be 2 hours, but within half an hour we were well on our way to the cashier when we were told by the workers holding signs saying that Nendoroid Madoka was sold out. Feeling dejected we spent the rest of the morning wandering the halls and looking at stuff that were mostly sold out already. I didn’t take many pictures as I wasn’t keen on jostling with the crowds and wasting memory card space. Besides, I wasn’t able to provide fast coverage of the event anyway.

I swear I will preorder these two like a boss.

We could only stare at this display piece. Can never have…

The other stalls were selling all sorts of garage kits.




One last shot before leaving.

It was a Sunday so we went to Harajuku expecting to see people decked out in strange outfits. Thinking we took a wrong turn outside the station, we went to Yoyogi Park first, where the Meiji Jingu shrine was located.

Reaching the entrance.

We never noticed anything wrong with the facade of the building ahead…

Until we got much closer.

We walked back out towards the station.

There were several groups of people dancing to music on their beatboxes. Here’s a circle of people (I think they’re called Harajuku Rockabillies) dancing with a kid.

For some unknown reason there were a ton of vans with huge spoilers and decals of Ayumi Hamasaki lined up along the side of the road opposite of where we were.

And this was the “many young people gather around Harajuku Station and engage in cosplay” – Japan Guide

It turned out that we walked past it the first time round without noticing.

Negativity aside we walked on to the Omotesando street looking for Kiddy Land.

It was smaller than we expected and most of the stuff were very new so things like Giga Pudding (puddi puddi) or DIY candy kits which we were looking for were passe and non-existent.

Loot for the day. Apart from the ticket/guidebook which I included by accident the only Wonfes-related loot is an aftermarket 1/100 scale fully articulated set of hands. Maybe I should have bought another pack. The rest are just convenience store junk food. There were quite a bit of Ika Musume-related snacks being sold at the Mini Stop convenience store near our hostel so I bought a flat-looking packet which contained some preserved squid and some fishy biscuits, and a randomly packed card where I got a picture of Sanae the masochist.

We also bought natto. It came in a twin pack and we never finished half the first pack.

In the end this would be the day we spent the least money during the entire trip.


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