Japan Trip: Day 7 – Running All Over Again

Like Day 6, we did a bit of traveling on this day too. We would do a bit more sightseeing though.

In the morning we went to Shinjuku station, the world’s busiest railway station. It was busy enough I didn’t have a chance to take pictures inside there. We walked to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office. There was also an observatory which was free compared to the one at Roppongi Hills.

The Shinjuku Central Park was nearby but there wasn’t much to see in the summer.

For lunch we went on a rampage in the basement of Isetan. In a typical Japanese department store, food is sold in the basement level. I tried to look for ramen to bring home but they only had fresh ramen which needed to be chilled. We ended up getting some soba noodles to bring home instead.

This is the Takashimaya branch in Shinjuku, 15 storeys tall, seen from outside Shinjuku station.

Managed a meager shot of the station from the east exit.

Took a train to Tokyo station where we tried to go to the Imperial Palace. Since it’s only open 2 days a year, we thought of walking to Yasukuni Shrine but it turned out to be too far away. We did not want to waste too much time so we went to Asakusa instead.

We took a wrong turn outside the station but got to Sensoji Temple anyway.

The place was rather crowded as it was a Saturday.

We went to draw omikuji for kicks. You pay 100 yen, shake a can until a numbered stick falls out, then take the prediction from a drawer given by the number on the stick.

Take a whiff of some of that incense smoke to bless yourself.

Can’t remember but I think the water is for cleansing yourself of bad luck before entering the temple grounds.

There were numerous stalls selling traditional Japanese fare and one or two traditional Japanese games.

We walked down the Nakamise street and bought a load of random items.

Passing the Kaminari Gate we walked on to see the Asahi Beer building with the funny yellow blob and the Tokyo Sky Tree in the distance. There was a park nearby but we were spoiled by the awesomeness of Hama Rikyu Garden so it wasn’t too special. There was a ton of people from China, possibly on a group tour.

We got to Ueno station. There was enough free time so we decided to go to Akihabara a second time. As it was a Saturday, the shops were open till much later so we split up and spent the rest of the day there. There were quite a few streets hidden behind the main street so there was still much to see (and buy).

Didn’t get a picture of the Gundam Cafe last time so I took it this time round.

And this is my combined loot for the day, with the 3 toys being my Akiba loot! I spent the most time in Radio Hall where I got them. Not sure why I picked the Eva figures, but the Revoltech Iron Man was from Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby and came with a second Revoltech point token and a pair of Revopliers. The Revoltech Iron Man was for my brother to make up for the lack of ramen. He’s quite a fan of Iron Man (but doesn’t collect anything) so I hope he likes the toy.

Being bad at navigation I spent some time finding my way to the 7-storey Mandarake Akiba branch building where I ended up not buying anything because I felt the prices were a bit on the steep side. There were quite a few other toys I was tempted to buy but I had to control my spending lest I run out of money and space before my trip ended. Besides, I had to save up money as we were going to Wonfes for some big spending the next day!


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