Japan Trip: Day 6 – Running All Over

Today was the first of several days where we would travel to multiple locations. The weather began to clear up but it wasn’t incredibly warm yet.

We woke up early to go to Tsukiji Fish Market. Not incredibly early though – the tuna auction was closed to the public after the Tohoku earthquake. However a few days later we would see on the local news that they decided to re-open it. We had a hearty sushi breakfast in one of the many sushi bars near the market and met several other tourists.

From Tsukiji we walked to Hama Rikyu Garden where we would see some of the best garden scenery in our entire trip.

I took a load of lousy photos but I’ll just be posting a few here.

We were given a handheld computer which served as a guide, and simply followed its directions to walk the garden trail.

More greenery. The walk probably lasted around 90 minutes. We may have spent a longer time as we were mostly chilling and enjoying the scenery.

From there we walked to Ginza to feel swanky. We didn’t do much there, so we took the subway to Roppongi.

Of course, you wouldn’t count yourself as having visited Roppongi until you’ve been to Roppongi Hills.

We went up to the 52nd floor for the Mori Art Museum and the Tokyo City View observatory for another nice snapfest.

The spire you see in the distance is the currently incomplete Tokyo Sky Tree.

Tokyo Tower.

The viewable angle was large but not 360 degrees as there were restaurants on the same level. We got back down and went to the TV Asahi building beside.

I bought some traditional Japanese confectionery from a shop there and we rested a while looking to see if there were anything else to do. Oh there was a toy shop there selling Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and Pretty Cure stuff but it was at full retail and geared towards little kids.

We decided to leave and go to Shibuya.

Welcome to the Hachiko crossing of Shibuya, the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing. I think it was popularized by the movie Lost in Translation. According to Wikipedia Hachiko is the name of a loyal dog who would wait everyday at Shibuya station for its owner to return home, but its owner died and it continued waiting everyday for 9 more years.

The statue of Hachiko was a popular meeting point so it was very crowded. Also, as if there weren’t enough well-dressed people in Japan already, Shibuya took it to another level. By the way, the cool cameraman is looking at you.

Shibuya Center Gai (centre street).

Got to the Starbucks in the second level of the Tsutaya building for this shot. We had a dinner meeting with my friend’s Japanese teacher and had some time to burn before that so we went to Mandarake Shibuya.

After dinner we went to an izakaya for some drinks, then returned to Ikebukuro.

My Shibuya loot! Got figma Misaka Mikoto from Mandarake, while the rest are the Japanese confectionery which were given away. The flower magnet was bought from the art gallery store in Roppongi Hills.

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