Japan Trip: Day 5 – Akihabara

Due to the rainy weather, we decided to postpone our sightseeing plans and headed off on a pilgrimage to Akihabara instead. We would spend our entire day there expecting to buy a ton of stuff.

Exiting from the Akihabara Electric Town exit of the station, our first stop was Animate, where I commenced my spending spree right away and got myself a Mini Ika Musume keychain.

We walked along the Chuo Dori (main street) which would take us to various prominent shops like…

Toranoana, where a whole floor was dedicated to Touhou merchandise. I’m not a huge Touhou fan but the Nendoroids were going for only 3000 yen a pop.

Taito Game Station. This is one of many arcade buildings where the first level consists of UFO catchers while higher levels are usually dominated by pachinko machines or other similar games.

The tops of the buildings. I think the Densha Otoko TV series made this area famous, especially the memorable night scene in the first episode.

We then found Radio Kaikan but it was mostly closed down for not being robust enough against earthquakes. It was good enough for me to be physically standing in front of the building though.

Most of the shops were moved to Radio Hall a few blocks away. We went to buy tickets to the summer Wonder Festival from Kaiyodo’s Hobby Lobby there.

This is the Don Quixote building, home to AKB48. We weren’t really fans of the group and their faces were already plastered over everything under the sun here so it wasn’t anything special for us. We also went to @home maid cafe in the same building. The experience was… unique I guess. I think some things are best experienced only once. We couldn’t understand why anyone would want to visit such places over and over. We also saw a cool dude in a Zaft uniform there. Maybe in Akiba no one would judge you for what you do/wear. You also have to hand it to the girls who speak in cutesy voices, do all the cutesy actions all day (and make you join them) and have high-level small-talk skills to talk to all the ronery guys there.

Walking back to the station and out the other exit for more exploration. We also found the Tamashii Nations Akiba Showroom which was really only a showroom, and the Gundam Cafe but we didn’t go in for ridiculously overpriced food or RG kits being sold at full retail price.

Another day where I would regret not bringing my tripod along. Due to electricity conservation efforts, the night view wasn’t at its best though. It was a weekday so most of the shops were closed after 7pm but the area wasn’t quiet at all. Oh and there were numerous girls in cosplay outfits giving away flyers on the pavement.

I think people were already going home.

Finally, my Akiba loot! In the end this day would turn out to be one of the days where we spent the least money. However, this was not the last of Akiba yet…

Oishikunare, moe moe kyun~ ♥


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