Japan Trip: Day 4 – To Ikebukuro

Checked out of our hostel in the morning. Not knowing our bus to Shinjuku station was canceled, we got into a panic thinking we were late and missed it. Eventually we got a refund and got on a bus to Tokyo station instead. The ride was over 2 hours long.

We took the first of many rides on the JR Yamanote Line to Ikebukuro station where we would be staying for the rest of the trip.

Due to the typhoon the climate was much cooler than expected. We left our junk in the hostel and explored Ikebukuro where we spent some time in Sunshine City.

There we had gyoza at the gyoza stadium in Namco Namjatown, one of many places in Japan where a large area is dedicated to a ton of stalls selling variations of the same thing, cannibalizing one another as they fight for business.

Have some Alphonse cupcakes.

Apart from Sunshine City, we also went to Bic Camera, Book Off and other shops on the street between the station and Sunshine City.

We got back to our room in the evening and decided to make some changes to our plans for the next day due to the weather, swopping the sightseeing days with the indoor stuff. Strangely the number of TV stations available in our room were far fewer than what we had back in Kawaguchiko.

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