Japan Trip: Day 1 – To Kawaguchiko

For the past 12 days I went on a trip to Japan.

On Day 1 we took an overnight flight from home and stoned in Hong Kong International Airport for about 3 hours. I couldn’t sleep on the plane at all despite feeling sleepy.

Once we reached Haneda Airport we bought a Suica card for public transport and took a train to Shinjuku station. It was summer so we felt the heat immediately once we stepped out of the airport.

We were lugging our haversacks and day packs trying to get our bearings. It was disorienting being placed in a totally foreign country and having to figure out a foreign language. There we bought bus tickets to Kawaguchiko station. We didn’t make reservations so I was placed right in front beside an old lady who tried to have a conversation with me in Japanese. I think she must have had an equally hard time trying to understand what nonsense I was trying to babble.

On the way we caught an unobstructed view of Mount Fuji. After a two hour bus ride, we reached the quiet, idyllic town of Kawaguchiko in the afternoon.

Dumped our junk in our hostel room and proceeded to explore the area on foot. We mistook the place as being very near Hakone during our planning so we decided to just wing it after finding out we were wrong.

By nightfall we found Lake Kawaguchiko. This was one of the many, many days I forgot to take my tripod along for better pictures.

The direct, unobstructed view of Mount Fuji from our hostel room was beautiful. Unfortunately that was the calm before the storm, as the next day a typhoon assaulted the coast of Japan.


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