SH Figuarts Masked Rider Faiz Blaster


Here’s a review of the SH Figuarts Masked Rider Faiz Blaster. I didn’t buy it right after its release because there was some quirk about its shipment so some of the toy shops over here didn’t carry it. Not wanting to wait for better prices any further and risk losing the opportunity to buy it while it was still around I went to grab it last weekend.

Masked Rider Faiz uses the Faiz Blaster to transform into its final Blaster Form. The transforming attache case changes into a big gun or sword. With the form change, all the functions of the Faiz Driver/cellphone are controlled by the Blaster alone, with the phone acting as a sort of ignition key for the Blaster.

With that in mind, while it may seem that Faiz Blaster comes packed with accessories, it turns out that most of them are duds. Some other reviewers have indeed shot down the figure for its large number of irrelevant, useless accessories.

Here’s a look at the package contents.

And here are all the accessories laid out. Most of them are repeats from the normal Faiz and the various modes of the Faiz Driver belt piece are useless as Faiz Blaster never has the phone in the belt. Also, all the weapons’ Exceed Charge functions are controlled by the Blaster so the Faiz Pointer and Faiz Shot should not have the Mission Memory attached (I think). There are few extra hands included, only a right weapon-holding hand and a pair of open hands, but I can’t think of any other hand poses that Faiz would be seen in. Again, no silver-painted fingertips. I would expect the exclusive Faiz Axel to be the same then. The shoulder cannons are included in two pairs – a fixed version and one with joints. As another case of shrinking/growing weapons, I guess Bandai took the easy way out by not bothering with proper scale in its design (like his torso could be too thick or his backpack too small) as the pair with joints are larger than the fixed versions. Of note are the stars of the show – the Faiz Blaster, the blade part and the pink blade effect for the Exceed Charge mode.

Overall views. As a final form, Faiz Blaster appears similar to its normal form, except with a different color scheme. There are some changes to the mold though: a different torso, as well as slight changes to the arms and legs.

The compound eyes have a new mold. The clear yellow is also much lighter, which I don’t really like. There is also a slight mold change as this new head appears even smaller than the already tiny head on the normal form. I have no idea why.

The back has a new backpack added on. You can also see the head is painted in a nice metallic red though the rest of the body is done in a matte finish.

The torso is quite nicely painted and features intricate detailing across the chest.

The lower arms and leg have new gold and silver trim.

I’ll be skipping the articulation review as it is the same as normal Faiz.

Shoulder cannons deployed.

There is some extra detailing underneath the backpack which is revealed when the cannons are deployed.

The ball joint also allows the cannons to rotate for the flight mode allowing Faiz Blaster to take to the skies for some death from above.

As the rest of the accessories are irrelevant to this figure, we’ll take a look at the star of the show.

Here’s the Faiz Blaster in its attache case form. It is nicely painted and detailed. You can even see the molded and painted keypad lining the bottom of the grip. The handle can also rotate all the way around. However some reviewers have complained that the blaster barrel cannot fold in like the Souchaku Henshin figure did. In other cases (like the SHF G3-X) I am not particularly displeased as there are probably size limitations to engineering such functions, but Bandai could have done better this time.

The blaster is deployed by simply opening it up. The Faiz phone sits in the center and has pegs which act like a lock to keep the blaster straight.

Blade mode is achieved by simply swapping the barrel.

And the awesome Exceed Charge effect is attached onto the blade. It is painted in a nice pink gradation. It would be awesome if I had the luxury of space to display all the huge weapons that come with my toys.

A side-by-side comparison with normal Faiz.


I am a Guncannon yay

I think he looks pretty badass when put in a flying pose with his Orphenoch-crushing, train-slicing sword of doom.

This figure is everything you would expect from the line. However it’s plagued by useless accessories and some may complain about the lack of hands. Should you get this figure? I’m not sure. If you’re a big fan of Kamen Rider 555, maybe. But if you’re picking between this or normal Faiz, just go for normal Faiz as the accessories are at least relevant to him.



8 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Masked Rider Faiz Blaster”

  1. Hmm between the 2 i’ll probably choose the normal faiz. Seems like the version of faiz the proportion is a bit off when compared side by side with the normal faiz.

    1. Normal Faiz is also more recognizable. And its accessories are useful unlike Faiz Blaster’s useless rubbish for the sake of jacking up the accessory count.

  2. Still the same fleshy ass LOL… overall he is kind of chubby… I want to grab this one but I missed it… now have to wait for restock 😦

  3. The red paint is a bit too matte for my liking on blaster mode. but the blaster sword mode with the effect just eats me up. ^^
    its been a long time since im been here. and be sure to check my blog too. Thanks!

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