figma Ayanami Rei

I actually obtained figma Rei in the mail right after KOS-MOS (making it the same day I posted up the review for her) so I thought I could beat some of the Japanese reviewers to review Rei. But due to a hectic week I took the photos over several days (and nights). There will be some bad and inconsistent lighting so please bear with me. I ought to get a second lamp but I’m busy now and it’s a great excuse. I got a job last week and I spent my early mornings this weekend doing an extra short assignment for a wee bit of extra dough.

Max Factory’s Evangelion figmas have been notorious for their somewhat inferior upper body sculpting decisions, or the ‘floating boobs’ issue to be exact. Equally notorious would be the incredibly long delays surrounding its figures, especially with Rei which was almost half a year late. Some people hoped that MF was spending the time fixing Rei’s floating boobs. I don’t have issues with Rei’s sculpt, but I am having problems with MF’s recent quality control.

Package view. This time round it’s a blue and white color scheme. This review will be quite short as it is very similar to figma Asuka and Mari.

The di:stage skin has a sky image. Like the other two figures, she comes with an entry plug seat which will not be reviewed this time. You can read more about it on my Asuka review.

figma Rei’s body has a much different sculpt compared to Asuka. The arms and legs remain similar so both figures have the same level of articulation. The ‘floating boobs’ issue that put many people off the line seems to be remedied in my opinion. Her entire body is still molded in soft plastic like Asuka but she appears bonier with her ribcage and hip bones visible.

Again, some people may prefer the Revoltech versions for their nicer-looking butts.

Besides the entry plug seat, she comes with a rack of 4 pairs of hands, two extra faces and an extra left hand holding Shinji’s cassette player.

Speaking of quality control, for the second time in a row I landed a figma figure with a botched paint job. This time round, there is a large blob of purple paint on her leg.

Thinking that this is a more glaring mistake compared to my KOS-MOS’ mispainted weapon, I went to sand it off.

Rei’s default poker face. Again about the quality control. I may be nitpicking but I seriously believe that her right eye’s position is off by a tiny bit. It is seriously annoying, and I can’t verify this as the major Japanese reviewers don’t seem to intend to get her.

Angry or determined face.

The last extra face is a smile. This is a somewhat surprising addition since Rei rarely smiles. I guess MF wanted to compensate for the lack of unique accessories.

The 00 numerals on her chest are printed. I believe the panel lines on her body have been done using stamp printing. They are smooth and fine despite the slight miss on her hip. Some people may find her breasts a little too large.

The numeral on her back is also printed.

I guess the floating boobs were remedied by removing the cuts behind the breasts and molding the green things underneath together as one piece.

Legs. It’s not shown but the soles are red.

Shinji’s beloved cassette player.

I’ll be skipping the articulation as she and Asuka are very similar. I’m not sure whether it’s yet another case of crap QC but the chest joint on my figure seems to be slightly hindered on one direction.

Copied this pose from one of the movies. I think it’s the night scene just before Operation Yashima where she stands alone with the moon in the background.

I think the only time she smiled was during the scene after she saved Shinji by taking a hit in his place and Shinji did the same thing as his father.

An interesting thing to note is that the hip joints can bend backwards as much as they can do so forwards.

Again I can’t think of many poses to put Rei in. MF seems to have fixed the floating boobs issue like I said earlier, but it seriously needs to buck up on its QC. I am also very annoyed by her default expressionless face, though results may vary. I think only the die-hard Evangelion fans or Rei fanboys would get this figure as the entry plug seat gimmick is old already, and the floating boobs and long delays would put more people off buying her.

With Rei in my hands, I’ve essentially completed the Eva girls collection. I didn’t review Mari because I’ve been trying (and failing) to get her sold for almost half a year already. Maybe I should just give up and open her. I wonder if MF would make figures of the yaoi boys Shinji and Kaworu. I’m not that keen on getting them since they most likely would come with yet more entry plug seats.



9 thoughts on “figma Ayanami Rei”

  1. Bony Rei is bony… And she… can do yoga, perfectly, too. XD

    Regarding her default face, I also noticed her right eye application is off by a few millimeters, not much but bit noticeable upon closer inspection.

  2. nice review, i had panned on getting the trio when first announced, but in the end i didnt. the floaty boobs and flat behind dont bother me much as im a bit used to that on articulated figures lol i still think the entry plug seat is awesome!

    i would really like to see MF up their QC too, there shouldnt be any paint errors like the one you had with your Kos Mos XD

    1. Indeed, some compromise needs to be made when implementing joints on articulated figures. And the QC issues are a pity as they don’t warrant a parts replacement.

  3. mine is good, the face doesn’t off or anything, the shoulders likes to drop, makes it looks like hunchback of notredame. the price is pissing me off. bought it at 2500 yen and today the price is dropped at 1500 yen.

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