figma KOS-MOS Ver.4

Here’s a review of figma KOS-MOS. I’ve never played the Xenosaga games, but she appears as a playable character in the Super Robot Taisen OG Saga series. I liked her character design and pre-ordered on impulse. Due to a combination of circumstances I only got her in the mail over a month after release.

From my meager knowledge of the character, I believe she is some kind of combat robot with a dual personality. One of them is probably the soul of a human.

She comes packed with some heavy accessories which you’ll see soon.

This is the included skin for the di:stage stand. There are actually two trays, with the second being half-sized hidden behind.

Besides the fairly large accessory count, the accessories are also quite massive. That might explain the higher price. Laid out are the extra chest, visor and face parts, extra hands, Dragon Tooth and beam effect, Hand Sword, G-Shot gatling guns and effect parts, stands for the gatling guns and one standard figma stand.

On my copy the Dragon Tooth has a paint misapplication.

Overall view. She is one of the tallest figmas, standing at 15cm tall. Some people may not like the clear plastic used on the hair.

Included faces are her default expressionless face and the second face which has differently colored eyes and a slight smiling expression.

The visor is a separate piece between the face and fringe. Here is the extra one which I think is called Fatima Glass or something. Not sure what it’s used for. The extra visor as well as her headgear make it harder to swap faces.

There are several locations where stamp printing is used to provide the tiny details.

The tiny words are almost legible.

The swappable chest piece is for her D-Teneritas chest cannon which doesn’t make any sense. The crab legs-like parts are made of soft plastic.

More stamp printing on both arms.

Her back is fairly detailed.

Asymmetrical design of the legs and more stamp printing.

Her clothing is also asymmetrical. The skirt is made of soft plastic. As with other figures, the soft plastic is stained more easily so I stuck some tape on the underside of the side armor pieces.

Like numerous other figmas that have small feet or peg legs, it is fairly difficult to keep KOS-MOS standing. However there is still a joint inside the ankle for some limited mobility.

The knee joints break up the design on the back but they are unavoidable.

Her hair is movable. Despite this, the hair pieces still stick out far backwards and their weight messes with the balance of the figure.

Her head can look up just a bit. The chest joint rotates all the way around and offers a little forward/backward range.

Arms are standard fare, though the white things on her upper arms may sometimes get in the way of her head or hair.

Her skirt is made of soft plastic so the legs have a wide range of motion. However on my figure her hip joints are quite loose so the skirt is able to pull the left leg inwards. The side armor pieces are also movable.

The knee joints provide only 90 degrees of motion. If you pull the joint out, you can get a bit more range. I guess it’s due to the design on the back of the legs.

Extra hands include one pair of hands for holding things, one pair without the wrist joints for holding the weapons, and two pairs of open hands. Along with the all black colored areas on the figure, they are done in a nice matte finish.

Action. I’m simply copying most of the poses from her moves in the SRT OG Saga game while trying to use all her weapons.

Hand Gun.

Hand Sword. It replaces the lower arm and the elbow joint.

More Hand Gun action.

Dragon Tooth. I believe it can be used as a ranged weapon.

Dragon Tooth Sword Mode. The blade effect is done in a nice translucent blue. I think the total length of the weapon might be larger than Fate T Harlaown’s Bardiche Zamber Form.

G-Shot. These things are heavy.

The muzzle flash effects are simply attached to the barrels.

She cuts her top apart to fire her D-Teneritas weapon. Riiiiiight… After this she walks around with her top flapping about and the crab legs are probably poking someone’s eyes out…

So besides dat ass and those gatling guns, her paint job is quite well-executed (except for the misapplication on my copy). Some people are also enjoying head swaps with her body. On the other hand she is quite pricey. She is one of the better figures in the line so whether you want to get her depends on whether you find her price acceptable. I’ve seen a few shops around here selling her for quite a hefty price it makes me glad I managed to save quite a bit buying her online.




And since she’s already showing off half her butt all the time I thought why not just show the full thing. Probably a very good reason why you should get her.

Stole the image from here.

10 thoughts on “figma KOS-MOS Ver.4”

  1. Sorry to hear about the mis-aligned paint application. Overall, she’s one of the more posable figma (and quite well-endowed, too XD).

    BTW, try to pull out a little for her ankle joints, you may get some extra range of movements.

  2. I nearly got this as my first figma but decided to give it up for something else! And the accessories I must say are a very big draw for me! Sorry to hear about that botch up paint job!

    And apart for the weapons….her figure is quite a sight for sore eyes lol!

    1. Hmm it seems she is sold out on the major online retailers but Mandarake is carrying a few pieces last I checked so if you don’t mind paying a little bit extra you can get her off there.

      1. Mandarake is?
        Ahem….but after seeing SHF shadowmoon n wild tiger, I think I’ll keep the money for them ^^
        Thanks bro!

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