Run Rabbit Junk

Oh dear I neglected this thing for quite some time and I only just noticed the changes to the WordPress website. It seems to have replaced the previous font (can’t remember but it felt like part of the Lucida family) with lots of Arial and a teeny bit of ultra light Helvetica for the title. Might be my computer’s fonts substitution though.

Some of you may remember me complaining that my camera has a lens error. This put me off taking many photos of my Tachikoma work in progress so I only have a few to share. I’ve also slacked massively and held off finishing this kit so what ought to be a small kit took almost a month to complete.

Basically after priming the kit I went to paint everything black. Deja vu. Oh, the eyes (the white eyeball things) were painted white instead.

And not surprisingly, the next layer of paint to go on was silver. Gaia Color Star Bright Silver to be exact.

And here’s a shot of all the parts painted silver. If you look at the bottom right you can see the minigun snout painted gun metal. The necessary parts were painted with clear blue. I don’t think I should post a picture – it only looks as though I disassembled the completed model.

These parts are the feet of the Tachikoma. The edges are supposed to be black (like rubber tires) so I’ll have to hand paint them. Speaking of which, I haven’t hand painted for a very long time. I had to remind myself to paint light, multiple coats, paint single strokes and not go over the same areas until the paint dried.

With the feet out of the way it was time to deal with the tail lights. Oh and look how horrible my finish is. Anyway, I tried to hand paint the tail lights with silver and it was an utter failure. First, I think I didn’t thin my paint enough and I was clumsy so I got a horrendous blob. I used Mr. Color Silver which was horribly dull compared to Gaia’s Star Bright Silver. Also I tried to hand paint clear red over them and it was a disaster.

Since the parts were stuck to the abdomen, I could not repaint them so without any other choice I went to apply my trusty silver tape over them. It took an hour to cut the tiny shapes out, but at least they did a good job of covering up the embarrassment.

I’m taking the plunge and attempting to hand paint the clear red using enamel paint. Hope all turns well. Oh and if you look at the 3 dots you can see a depression between the lower two. Looks like I failed to deal with the shrinking putty.

My next post will hopefully be the photo set for this guy.

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