SH Figuarts Masked Rider Exceed Gills

Bummed around town last Sunday and found this guy going for cheap. Also saw Agito and Another Agito but I didn’t like them enough to warrant paying much more for them. Picked him over normal Gills because more spikes = more awesome. Or that’s what I thought. I’ve read on some forums that he’s a pretty great figure but after having messed with him I don’t really agree.

So Masked Rider Gills is an incomplete version of Agito, and near the end of the series gains the power to fully unleash his powers to turn into Exceed form. What’s there to not like a rage-powered spiky thing?

The major accessories he comes with are his Gills Stingers, the tentacles that grow from his back. An extra head with its mouth open is also provided. Extra hands include two palm variations and one pair of hands for holding stuff. The two spikes are the Gills Heel Claws which go on the heels. They attach via pegs which are a very tight fit. All the spikes are made of hard plastic and attach via pegs. Except for the heel claws, they can pop off really easily but I’m not too sure whether they are durable. In contrast, Ultimate Kuuga’s spikes are made of soft plastic.

There are several visual differences compared to Gills. I think it’s more spikes, more red.

The antlers are detachable, probably a leftover feature from Gills which came with exchangeable antlers. The forehead jewel is clear and the back of it is painted silver. Nice touch there.

Rage face. I think mine has the jaw off-centre.

The belt has a clear yellow orb. Awesome.

The shoulder armor has a rough texture.

The stingers grow from the back.

The legs have spikes too.

To attach the stingers, the back cover piece is removed. The tentacles are made of soft plastic and the left and right ones are labeled differently so I guess you can’t combine all of them into one super long tentacle.

Here’s a shot of how it’s attached. The joint isn’t very tight so it can fall off with a little fumbling.

It’s not clear in the photo but when you bend him backwards you can see the hollow inside of his chest.

Shoulder and elbow articulation are hindered by the shoulder armor. The hip joint is the movable type. The shin spikes prevent him from doing a natural kneel. The feet are made of plastic and are on single ball joints. While I don’t really mind plastic feet, the ball joints are quite a downer as they are rather loose and combined with the lack of diecast feet, makes keeping him upright a bigger challenge. The range of motion for the ankles is not greatly hindered by the ball joint though.

Raaaaaage. One of the more memorable scenes in the series was when he got his arm lopped off while fighting and he raged so much he grew it back and gained Exceed form.

His claws can be used like tonfas.

His finishing move – Exceed Heel Claw. A drop kick from above.

Stingers deployed. They cannot hold themselves up due to their length.

The extra hands can be used to hold the stingers.

While the sculpt is great (not anorexic) with the use of clear parts and different textures, I had a few complaints with this guy. Besides the ankles, I found the hard spikes to be troublesome because they made it harder to pose the figure without popping a few out. I guess it’s only recommended if you’re a fan of organic-looking Riders and don’t mind the troublesome ankles and having to re-attach the spikes every time. Also unlike Accel Trial, this guy is free from the inexplicable trolling of Bandai and is NOT an exclusive.


8 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Masked Rider Exceed Gills”

  1. this kamen rider do look like a villain..

    didn’t really watch agito so i couldnt know..

    btw, would you exchange link with me? im from and

    thank you

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