I can’t be cool

Couldn’t think of a good post title so I just used a random one. Internet cookie to anyone who knows what it refers to.

It seems my camera is down with a lens error. It won’t work half the time so I had to spend quite a bit of time turning it on and off and praying it would work. Every time the lens retracts into the body there is a clicking noise like gears skipping. Onore Sony timer…

Since this guy is a pretty small and simple kit I could afford to put everything together for a quick “before” shot. Unfortunately after building this kit I realized that as a model builder or whatever I claim myself to be I was seriously spoiled by how great Bandai’s engineering is.

We’ve enjoyed the exceptional fit, articulation and robust designs offered by Bandai’s “perfect” products so building this kit reminded me of how noob I was as building the real stuff. There are numerous issues to deal with and I struggled to try and fix them.

First was the imperfect fit and my own mistake. These rings are on the inside of the Tachikoma’s legs and I could not fit them in. Looking at the manual I saw that they were depicted as round ones without the protrusions so I went to remove them. Who knew that the protrusions, while making them nearly impossible to insert without leaving stress marks on the plastic, were meant to provide friction that would support the weight of the kit.

Not pleased with myself for building a Tachikoma with one floppy limb I decided to fix my mistake. I cut out two chunks of sheet styrene in the approximate shape.

Stuck them to either side of the ring.

After some considerable effort sanding them down, I managed to restore the much-needed friction.

The biggest problem happens to be the abdomen which has several horrendous seams. Some of them are meant to be panel lines but I accidentally filled them in. I struggled to re-scribe them. Also of note would be the lower set of holes in a triangle which weren’t really molded as holes and I had to fill the space between the bottom pair with putty.

The seams on the limbs and all the white-colored joints were removed too. Tamiya basic putty shrinks as it dries so I may have to repeat the procedure on most of the bigger areas.

Deployed my spray booth and primed all the parts in one go. I haven’t smelled primer for ages and man it stinks. And the dust it leaves behind in my room – urgh.

7 thoughts on “I can’t be cool”

  1. Ah is this kit from kotobukiya? Never knew there was a kit version for tachikoma! That is one helluva ‘ass’ to sand all that seamline haha…

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