I’m back! And that means…

… my exams are finally over! Oh man it’s been ages since I could spend time blogging here. Before I dive back into the fun I do have quite a bit of nonsense to blurt out.

I guess my papers were pretty disastrous so I shan’t dwell in the past further. Right after my last paper I got home (urgh seriously guys I can’t believe you all want to get home right away and play computer games/PS3) and did a little bit of house chores. My parents have been out for a vacation for two weeks leaving my brother and I behind. Speaking of which, I was pretty worried for them. They left home on 30 April and apparently the airline lost my dad’s luggage. I’m not sure what vital items were inside because we aren’t frequent travelers and he probably doesn’t know he shouldn’t keep his valuables or medicine in checked-in baggage. My mum was definitely not pleased (and probably not pleased with my dad too because they would definitely be bickering or something) and I could tell from the manner in which she contacted us.

On the bright side several hours ago we found out that they got his luggage back, so I hope they can get to enjoy their trip proper and hear some cool stories bro from them when they return. In the meantime, I proceeded to whip out my camera to get ready to blog and stuff. And my point-and-shoot decided to brick on me. I left my camera alone to let it do a little reflection on what it has done and went out…

To listen to an election rally! So there’s a general election coming really soon and I could finally attend a rally that is somewhat nearby since my area is one of the least interesting ones. While I can’t say I totally agree with everything the candidates have said, I can definitely say that they can speak better than certain members of the incumbent ruling party. No pictures since I didn’t bother to squeeze through the crowd and muddy field and I only had my phone with me.

So I just got home and decided to see if my camera decided to behave itself and it did. Now I can finally start catching up on watching shows and possibly building some new (or not-so-new) stuff.

Yay summer vacation here I come!


6 thoughts on “I’m back! And that means…”

  1. Thank goodness your dad managed to get back his luggage. Speaking of rallies haha….Aljunied was madness lol!!

    Anyway enjoy the holiday!

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