SH Figuarts Masked Rider Rising Ixa

Haven’t got myself an SH Figuarts since last year while the figma spam took over. This time round it’s back to Kamen Rider and my first successful exclusive get. I’ve also tried out using smaller-sized images so that this post won’t look so long.

I’ve preferred the secondary Rider designs more often than the primary Rider especially in the newer series, and Ixa is one of them. It must have been the characters themselves that add to the Riders’ appeal. I guess there’s no need to reiterate that Nago Keisuke is a badass too.

1, 9, 3, [Call]


ラ  イ  ジ  ン  グ

Here’s a lousy attempt at a backdrop. Looks like my laptop screen cover is too reflective.

Gotta re-emphasize the exclusive-ness of this guy by showing the cardboard box again.

Package front and rear views.

Package contents. Rising Ixa has the same accessories as normal Ixa with the addition of the Ixariser in both phone and gun modes. The common accessories load out includes a pair of Fuestle racks, the Ixa Calibur in Gun and Calibur modes, detached Ixa Knuckle and belt buckle. Apart from a pair of fists, extra hands include a pair of palms and a pair of weapon-holding hands. Exactly the same as Ixa.

With the exception of the head and body, the rest of the figure is a repainted version of normal Ixa.

Ixa performs a Cast Off to reveal raw mechanical detail underneath the body armor. Speaking of which, Kamen Rider Kiva was a series that seemed to make a lot of references to past series. Ixa alone has references to 555 (using a mobile phone to transform), Kabuto (Cast Off) and Den-O (incredibly ridiculous over-the-top excessive overkill head transformation animations).

Rising Ixa doesn’t disappoint with its plethora of sculpted and painted detail all over the head and body. Most of the colors used are metallic as well.

The Ixa Knuckle looks nicely painted but it actually lacks some minor painted details that normal Ixa had. It still looks great though.

The arms and legs are identical to normal Ixa.

Articulation range is identical to normal Ixa but I’ll just go through the motions. The head is on a double ball joint though the one on the lower neck is nearly useless as bending it will loosen the neck.

Standard range of motion for the arms and waist. The belt is made of flexible plastic so it can give way and allow the waist to rotate all around.

The legs suffer from the same problem as normal Ixa with the skirts blocking them. The kneecaps are detachable and are loose on mine. Some glue should keep them stuck in place.

Also on my figure one of the knee joints was especially tight and made creaking sounds. I read from some forums that the creaking might wear the joint loose very quickly so I dug up some of my old damper oil for my radio control car and dripped it into the joint. Now the joint is nice and smooth. For folks who have no idea what I’m talking about, I believe any grease that doesn’t melt plastic would do. Finally the old Tamiya Mini 4WD blue grease tubes have some greater use!

The detached Ixa Knuckle is painted in glorious detail.

The Ixa Calibur is identical to the ones included in normal Ixa.

The Ixariser comes in both phone and gun modes. The buttons and screen detail are sculpted and painted beautifully. Both of them have a hinge to fold up which is a nice touch. However, they seem to be out of scale. I’ll talk about it in a while.

The weapon-holding hands can grip the phone reasonably well.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison with normal Ixa on the right.

Here’s the reason why the Ixariser is over-sized. It’s supposed to appear from the mouth but it’s clearly too big.

Dialing 1 9 3.

Bracing for recoil.

But the recoil is still too much to handle.

Chow Yun Fat infinite ammo mode.

I enjoyed this figure as it’s most likely due to my biasness towards the character. However I must insist that the sculpted detail and paint job are awesome.

It’s really sad that Bandai’s making practically every secondary Rider upgrade to be an exclusive. I can’t really understand their logic/rationale behind every exclusive release but I honestly don’t think popular characters like them would shelfwarm. Now that I’ve fallen into the endless pit that is the Tamashii exclusives, I wonder if I can lay my hands on Faiz Axel… I must say collecting the 555 line would be really costly as I’m sure that if Auto Vajin gets a Figuarts release, it is 555% likely to be exclusive too. Maybe the Kiwami Tamashii line would have been much kinder on my wallet…



6 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Masked Rider Rising Ixa”

  1. I agree with you, this Ixa is totally awesoome…. with such colorful looks, he can easily be a hero of another series instead of being a No. 2 – this guy remind me of that Diend Final Form which is also an exclusive item from Bandai…. sigh

  2. Yup Ixa the only one use dual handgun 😀

    as for exclusive stuff you mention ^^ I think this a profiting strategy with selling product from their own store (that they can get full-profit by their own no need giving markdown,discount to distributors or retailer sell less is okay but you get more profit,no 25% off (like amiami)or maybe bandai sell with 40-50%% off to amiami hahahaha

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