Sinanju Mono-eye Mod

There’s never a better time to slack than just before my mid-term exams.

Today while trying to concentrate and study I decided to expose the mono-eye of my MG Sinanju instead and this time I did it successfully. I then tried to replace the stock clear mono-eye with some better replacements. I’ve used this method on my previous kits which I briefly mentioned when I worked on my MG Z plus C1.

Here are the primary components of the head, with the stock mono-eye assembly on the left, and the other parts which have to be removed before the mono-eye can be freed.

The eye needs some new lenses so I’m using possibly the best replacement in the world – Wave’s H-Eyes option parts.

Also, I cut a piece of runner stick to mount the lens to. It’s not the most elegant solution but it works for the Sinanju since the visor is very small and the sides of the eye won’t be seen.

Here I’ve cut and sanded the stick to size, then drilled a hole to mount it on the post.

Here’s the runner stick mounted on the post using some white glue.

For the lens, there is a sink mark on the back which I took care of by sanding the back surface with progressively finer sandpaper before finishing by buffing it on my lecture notes. The buffing eliminates the scratches left behind from the sanding.

This pic was from my Z plus – you can see the effect of sanding on the right.

Next I stuck a piece of silver tape on the back and cut off the excess.

Mounted the new lens on the post using some more white glue.

Gave the lens a dash of clear green. Since the part is so small, I simply dipped it into my paint mixture.

Put everything back together and it looks like it wasn’t very effective T_T. This would have worked better if the mono-eye wasn’t so recessed or if the hole were larger.

Anyway, this mod could be extended to other Zeon mono-eye MS kits, and I’ve used this to replace the sensors on my MG Z plus C1 and 1/100 Cherudim Gundam’s forehead sensor as well. Also, sorry for the inconsistent pictures as I’m taking them with a desk lamp nearby and I used Photoshop’s Auto Color to brighten some of them a little.

Back to work…


13 thoughts on “Sinanju Mono-eye Mod”

  1. That does makes a difference. Now the eye can be clearly be seen.

    Sometimes the autocolour function works well, but not all. I normally do manual levels’ adjustments (tedious but more control).

  2. cant really compare since I dont own any sinanju kits, but I think I’ll do the same. The silver tape trick is nice bro!

      1. I didn’t do an LED back then because I couldn’t figure out where to hide the battery. But hindsight is 20/20 so yea, I just changed the lens to a shinier one instead.

  3. I did like what you did here, really makes the eye stand out more compared to the original.

    I did hide the baterry of mine at the cockpit, but now found a thin single 3V battery. Size c1220, fits just outside the cockpit core. ^_^

    1. Actually in reality it didn’t help much because the tiny eye slit still prevents any incoming light to be reflected.

      If I remember correctly this size is also the one being used on Bandai’s LED units too.

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