Nendoroid Miku Absolute HMO Edition Guest Review

Hello everynyan! This is spekkiochaos, guest blogger for this week. I recently bought this figure on pre-order but did not know what to do with it. So what better thing than to post this on my good friend Evolution’s site where it would be seen. It came not long ago (about a week?), and probably still isn’t in stores. Pardon my photography skills, as some pictures may appear really blur. I don’t have the benefit of a specially constructed stage, since this is my first review. Enjoy!

This is the box that the figure came in. I wanted to sell it immediately upon receiving it, but decided against it because she was begging to be opened. There are many accessories and instruments inside. I count at least one woodwind instrument, two leekdrumsticks, two keyboards, a full drums set, and many hands. It’s literally an ‘orchestra’.

You can see the elaborate packaging here.

The default face is somewhat cute, and very well painted. This was my first Nendoroid, and I was surprised at the weight of the figure. It may be made of plastic, but her head is very heavy.

The full drums set. They are hexagonal and very distinctively styled. The bass drum has fine details at the kickpedal.

A close look at the keyboard. It is only two octaves (lol). But nice paint work.

Miku de-geso. The hands are too short to reach the keys. Her hair does a better job.

She really can’t reach them. Nyoro~n

Trying to play the drums with her leeksticks. The details on them are really well done (the ends have a slight brown to depict the roots?) A cool choice of accessory for drum sticks.

Hard at work drumming. She doesn’t have a seat though. I don’t know how she plays the bass drum standing up…

Takomiku. She can stand on her hair alone. But the hair falls out rather easily because it’s just a ball joint.

Praying for more angpows (red packets). It’s the festive season over here. With such a cute face, who could resist?

Announcing something. Her flappy sleeve hands can strangely be used to hold all sorts of stuff (including the drums set).

Flying in mid air, with cool shades. The shades are easy to insert in between the hair, but in doing so they rip green paint off, so be careful. Though I doubt anyone will be able to see the chipped off paint…

Pondering the wonder of this universe. What a beautiful world! The sun is too bright!

Controlling her two face options. If you spot the wordplay you are awesome

An unobstructed view of the very very adorable face. The hands are actually very loose. If you look closely you can see the right hand about to fall off, since it’s just attached by a loose bore and shaft system (how do I describe this in proper joint language?)

No shimapan to see here. Move along…

These photos were taken in better lighting. This is Ninja Miku. She is a kunoichi and trained in the way of the blade. Do not mess with her. (There’s no angry face option)

Shades always make you 200% cooler, no matter who you are. In the case of a ninja with shades, this makes it 500%.

I saw this “wavy hands” pose on the box. But I couldn’t recreate it properly because the left hand refuses to turn all the way 90 degrees. I don’t know what magic they did with their set, maybe break a few joints?

The full body shot. As you can see, the legs are….. very weird. The box shows them doing some kind of ‘inward facing’ motion, but from the joints I conclude it’s plain impossible. Again, black magic from Good Smile Company at work.

“I dunno lol” pose. The clear stand is quite poseable, but the part which attaches to the figure is troublesome (the hexagon is not exactly cut to fit, and needs some pushing).

A great earphone stand Miku makes. She can hold the wires perfectly, and she looks the part.

Miku Gunpla. Her head is hollow. Perhaps one can mod it to include LEDs powered by USB? That would be…. eerie?

And that’s all the pictures I managed to take! She has an amazing amount of joints for a Nendoroid, that’s for sure. The accessories are also very worth it. This set is really a steal for 50 USD. If you are a fan of Miku, you should definitely get it! Though I couldn’t find the supposed ‘Ren and Len Eye Mod Stickers’ inside.

I was impressed by the durability of a Nendoroid. As you can see, the last picture was torture beyond anything imaginable, yet the entire thing was as good as new once I snapped the joints back on. There’s no need to worry about breaking any part because the parts are constructed such that each piece is solid in itself, and it will only break at the joints.

Well, that’s all from me! I don’t expect to be buying any figurines soon, so the rest of the blogging will be back to Evolution to do!


Nendoroid Petit Yui. Holding the guitar wrong.


5 thoughts on “Nendoroid Miku Absolute HMO Edition Guest Review”

  1. Just got mine too. But still wrapped in her box. ^^
    She’s very articulated as she uses the super movable frame from Saber Super Movable Edition. Definitely looks better than the original Miku for me.

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