figma Shikinami Asuka Langley

School life hasn’t been particularly merciful this semester. I managed to free up some time earlier this afternoon by not doing work and taking photos of figma Asuka which I received quite a few days ago.

This is Max Factory’s direct challenge against Kaiyodo’s Fraulein Revoltech series; most people would contend that Max Factory’s figma once again takes down another rival (after Aoshima’s Mobip line), but that isn’t to say that this is the perfect articulated figure of an incredibly popular (or notorious, depending on the way you look at it) franchise.

It comes with a cardboard punch-out to decorate a figma di:stage. I think it looks a little plain though; could have done better with some TECH HEXAGONS. I like the hexagons aesthetic, too bad it’s getting cliched, and in Crysis 2, it’s almost like it’s overused.

Package contents.

Here are the basic contents – an extra head piece, 2 extra faces, a puppet, a right hand holding a handphone, 4 extra pairs of hands, a waist clip for attaching the figure to a stand and 2 extra figma stands.

Here’s a closer look at the extra hands.

Lastly would be the included entry plug interior. I actually have figma Mari already, but I didn’t open her as I couldn’t cancel my preorder when I found out that the rest of the pilots were getting their own pilot seats as well. I’m trying to sell off my figma Mari but no one seems to want her. 😦

The parts are put together.

It’s a huge accessory, probably the largest in the figma line so far. It looks fairly good, though the paint job is a little rough in some areas, and the molding gets particularly rough on the underside. The head rest is also slightly asymmetrical and doesn’t fit tightly on the seat.

Back view. There are two holes for the figma stands to support the seat. The upper hole can also be replaced with the waist clip to hold the figure in the seat but it isn’t a must to use it.

Not sure whether the actual pilot seat in the anime can do all of this but the head rest can rotate, the control handles are mounted on ball joints with 2 more figma joints each for a wide range of motion, while the leg rests have figma joints each as well.

And here we have figma Asuka. I think the paint job is fairly well-done though it pales slightly compared to the prototype photographs.

In my opinion the sculpt is also better-looking compared to the Revoltech equivalent but there is a huge, glaring issue which most may put off most people.

You can see it here.

Some people might prefer the posterior on the Revoltech version.

I’d say the knee joints are quite well-designed as they hide the joint very well when viewed from the front. They also serve to limit the knees from bending forward.

The head sensor things are made of flexible plastic while the gray box on the shoulder is made of hard plastic.

The TEST word is printed on the chest. The orange area on the upper torso and the lower body are made of soft plastic.

The protrusions on the wrists are rigid.

And here’s a clear view of the issue – floating breasts. I think Max Factory intended to preserve the silhouette of the plug suit but it ended up with a pair of floating breasts. I understand the issue wasn’t as serious on figma Mari because her plug suit had some white accents below the breasts which hid the gaps. I think this issue made some people cancel their orders.

The feet are small and narrow, so the figure isn’t exactly very easy to stand.

The default face is changed from the :3 face on the prototype.

Embarrassed face.

Lastly, the shouting face.

The twin tails are on ball joints which offer some limited mobility. The extra hair piece doesn’t have the joints and is flatter to not obstruct too much when trying to cram the figure in the pilot seat.

The neck has a double joint but it isn’t very useful as the hair gets in the way.

The collar on the neck hides the lower neck joint.

The upper arms are molded slightly differently from other figures. This exposes the shoulder joint more but the arms can be raised higher.

The body has only one joint in the upper torso.

It can bend forward but the chest looks rather awkward. Also the soft plastic would not return to its original position completely and make the floating breasts issue even more apparent.

The hip joint is very flexible as the plug suit is made of soft plastic. I wouldn’t recommend putting the figure in some extreme poses for fear of warping the soft plastic permanently.

Forgot to mention that the TEST word is also printed on the back and there is no hole on the suit to connect it to the stand.

The handphone is fairly detailed for its size.

It also has the nice pixel pattern on the back.

The hand puppet is also fairly detailed and has Asuka’s name “sewn” on it. It is attached by simply replacing the right hand.

Banana Phone.

Like the other characters in the anime, Asuka has her issues as well.

Rocket Punch.

Magic plug suit shrink wrapping skills activated at the touch of a button on the wrist.

It’s pretty interesting that an embarrassed face is provided solely for this pose as I don’t remember Asuka having many other emotions other than being angry.

We finally cram Asuka into the pilot seat. It isn’t exactly easy to do so as there are so many parts rubbing against one another.

That’s it. I can’t really think of many poses on the pilot seat but it’s the accessory that puts Max Factory on the leading edge compared to Kaiyodo. However the floating breasts issue might put people off as Kaiyodo has done better at this area. Despite the flaws, I’d still conclude that Max Factory has produced a better articulated figure as I prefer the rest of the sculpt (and no clicky joints) and its scale goes well with the rest of my articulated figures.



9 thoughts on “figma Shikinami Asuka Langley”

  1. The floating *ahem* “top” issue is what put off most people, heck some resorted to use a hair dryer in gently making it go lower (thus reducing the gap). Okaaaay… A heel-less foot is something that I never know before, she’ll be more troublesome to stand than, let’s say, Aegis or Metis.

    I saw my friend’s Fraulein Mari (green-suit ver), all I can say is it lacks the “feel”
    of a Fraulein figure…

    1. Actually I think in terms of ease of standing, Asuka stands between Aegis/Metis and other figmas with proper feet.

      I can’t really find any Japanese reviews on the Fraulein figures. Don’t tell me even the Japanese folks don’t want to get them either.

  2. yes, that’s the problem. I was initially considering to get all eva girls. But when I saw the review on Asuka, I started to have doubts XD

    so, is this happening to other girls as well?

  3. I still dont have any of the Figma from Evangelion series, still thinking wherether to collect them or not…. sigh…. as for Revoltech and Figma and Mobip comparison, articulation wise I think these 3 product did quite well though maybe 1 is slightly better than the other depends on what we expect from the figure. The fact that Figma version of this figure came a bit late from Figma (Max Factory) have given them the advantage to corrected the weakness from those Revoltech’s version. One of the major achievement where Figma always score excellent point is on the face sculpt and accessories part. Though this face issue also depends on the individual, there are still many people who love masturbation out there still disagree about this anyway. Nonetheless, I think on the overall, the Figma beat the Revoltech version especially on the face part…. as for the joints/articulation/size/accessories – both Figma and Revoltech have their on advantage and weakness.

    1. Yes I expected more from Max Factory since they were the later entrant and had a chance to see how their competitor Kaiyodo did the characters. So I was somewhat disappointed at the figure’s sculpting flaws.

      I think in the end the figures are worth getting only if you’re a huge fan of Revoltech or figma figures. Those people out there who a huge fans of Evangelion may get better figures.

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