figma Aegis

Time for yet another figma review. I actually got figma Aegis at the same time as Metis but only got around to taking photos of this one sometime last week (cloudy days are a great excuse to not take photos) and slacked off during the weekend. I ended up paying a dear price as my school work piled up like magic. Also my timetable was pretty bad and I had long days practically every day this week so I spent my nights catching up on my backlog.

I think some people spell her name as Aigis, but I never got far enough in Persona 3 to actually see her (heh yet another impulse buy) so I stuck to the name given on the box.

This is a re-release which I preordered along with Metis quite a few months ago.

She doesn’t come with a truckload of accessories as a low-priced figma. On the other hand, her popularity means her price is jacked up on the secondary market.

She comes with two extra faces, a rocket punch, a pair of ammo drums for her finger guns, the standard figma stand, a pair of stand pieces to help her stand, and a total of 5 pairs of hands: 3 variations of palms, a pair of fists, and a pair of hands for holding stick-shaped stuff (which she doesn’t have).

No complaints about the paint job. It’s well-executed and of note are the staples (lol) running up the sides of her body which are painted.

Her default face.

The two extra faces she comes with.

The headphone-like things on her head are nicely detailed. Her arm band is printed, so I’m not sure whether the tilted E is on purpose or a misprint.

The gold pieces on the top of her thighs are made of flexible material. The mechanical-looking insides cover the hip joint well.

Peg legs/hooves.

Getting her to stand is a challenge.

The neck joint doesn’t offer a wide range of motion.

There is only one joint under the chest but it’s fairly flexible.

Arms are standard figma fare.

The hip joints are awesome as there isn’t any molded clothing to get in the way.

To attach the rocket punch accessory, her right hand is first removed. The base of the accessory goes over the arm and the fist attaches into the hole like a normal hand part.

It would have been doubly awesome if she came with rocket punches for both hands.

I don’t really have much to say about this figure, but she pairs with Metis nicely. I prefer the simpler design on Metis, but she has her own merits as well. Maybe people who played the game would like her more.

Back to work… so much work to do.



10 thoughts on “figma Aegis”

  1. Note: Never ever displease her… Else a ROKETTO PAANCHI up the wazoo. XD

    She’s one of the (very) few figmas that could sit on the floor.

  2. You never played Persona 3 to the end?
    You should, it’s a pretty good game. 😀
    I played it 4 times I think, 1 on the PS2, 1 on the PS2 FES version(Not finished:P), 1 as the male in P3P, and lastly as the female in P3P. LOL

  3. Hmm I don’t recall seeing that rocket punch weapon in the game though…but I won’t mind swapping Mazinger Z’s rocket punches on put it on her!

  4. i like Aegis a lot and ive only played the P3P version. i havent been able to sit down without distractions and play the PS2 FES ver(only spent about 10mins on it XD) but i wanna get to know more about Metis too. also i think she uses the rocket punch is in the PS2 version.

    her design is cool just like with Metis but man as you mentioned, i have a hard time trying to make her stand ^^;

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