figma Metis

I played only a little bit of Persona 3 and never got to the Fes bit of the game but I liked the character design for Metis and got her. When the package arrived, the box was crushed and her box was slightly damaged. I was reluctant to sell her away and seeing the damaged package I thought I would open it up after all.

You can see the bottom right corner of the box taking the brunt of the damage.

It’s in the smaller package format but the price point is slightly higher. Could be due to the accessories.

The background comes with a cutout for decorating a di:stage.

She comes with a pair of supports to help her stand (attached), the dog Koromaru, an extra face, a hammer, a bus stop sign, the figma stand and 4 extra pairs of hands. One pair of fists, one pair of palms, one pair of hands for holding the sign, and two right hands for holding the hammer. The hammer-holding hands do not have wrist joints.

Her design is more plain compared to Aegis, but she has a skirt. Her body is painted in a dark blue rather than black, and has a glossy finish.

Her default face. The eyes limit the range of poses a little but one can take the easy way out by covering her face with her visor.

Smiling face.

A simple matter of flipping the visor down for Battle Mode.

Asymmetrical arms.

The skirt pieces are made of flexible plastic and have joints for a wide range of motion. The paint job is great.

Her hip joints are covered by the parts that look like they come from a ball-jointed doll.

They hide the hip joints very well.

Delicious legs and ankle-less pointy feet. It’s quite hard to get the figure to stand because the legs have to be bent at the correct angles for the supports to work.

As there is no sculpted clothing detail, she has a wide articulation range. She’s probably one of the best-articulated figmas I have.

Looking up and down is no problem.

The upper waist joint can rotate freely.

The brace on her right arm and the skirt pieces are movable.

The lower waist joint can bend forward.

The hip joints have a wide range of motion.

Her hammer. The handle bit is made of wire which means that it would bend out of shape rather than break easily.

The bus stop sign is printed on both sides.

Koromaru. His neck and tail have swivel joints. The blue orbs on his collar are made of clear parts as well.

The arm band is printed.

Nice sculpted detail.

A look at the feet supports.

Forgot to mention that the hammer is also printed on one side. The glued joint between the wire and hammer is slightly bent but I didn’t dare to straighten it for fear of breaking it at that point.

I took a few extra photos of her in some more flexible poses showing off her articulation but it might not be too work-safe so I didn’t upload them.

This is probably one of the safer ones.

I’d say I’m glad I opened this one, there is a lot of attention paid to detail such as the use of clear plastic where needed. The articulation is great due to the nature of the sculpt, and this added to my enjoyment of the figure. There aren’t many areas with painted detail, but where there is painted detail, it’s well-done. It’s a great figma in my opinion but more people may prefer Aegis and her design. Maybe I’m one of the few people who prefer Metis instead.


12 thoughts on “figma Metis”

  1. Wow… That’s a very WIDE range of motion for a figma and her back shot is… ^^b

    Don’t worry, as long the content is undamage, it should be okay as my Mikuru’s box was slightly dent due to the couriers’ handling but she’s fine.

    1. Yes, MF put in a lot of effort into sculpting what is essentially a naked body. I thought I could keep it sealed and consider selling it in future especially after all the money spent on painting my Sinanju. The damage wasn’t that serious enough to damage any of the stuff inside, but the resale value would drop. I liked the design though, so it was a good excuse for me to open it.

  2. she looks so good! ive only played the PSP version of persona and Metis isnt in it… or else i would have snatched her up to compliment Aegis lol i havent been focusing much on getting new figmas lately but maybe ill get Metis in the future as it looks in your review that she is worth it 😀

    Koromaru is a nice bonus too.

  3. Whoa….talk about articulation. Very impressive add to your collection. Probably if I ever start to collect figmas this will be on my list haha ^^

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