Tonight We Dine in Decal Hell

A lot of people are still expecting me to build a black Sinanju but I’m sorry to let you all down, I wanted it to be a simple build so there isn’t any special color scheme involved.

I’ve already done quite a bit of the dry transfers.

Just gonna annoy you all by not showing my last few pictures in color…

I wanted to take pictures of him coming together but I forgot once I unleashed Axel Form/Clock Up/TRIAL!

Fast forward to the legs. As a sad goner who could never get his hands on the waterslide decals, I had to make do with the dry transfers. Since it was nearly impossible to apply them over the crazy curved surfaces, it was no surprise that I ruined a few of them. And since I was pretty displeased with that fact, I decided to paint the rest of the lines.

Yes, I’m masking the white lines.

Can’t wait to get it finished! I was expecting to finish today but the white lines caused the delay.

UPDATE @ 8/1/2011!

I’ve finally finished it! Just gonna add some more pictures of me defeating the monster that is the dry transfer sheet!

The lump of tape leftover. Hehe

Pictures coming soon! Once it’s daylight. I tried taking photos with just my lamp and it doesn’t seem to bring out the color well.

8 thoughts on “Tonight We Dine in Decal Hell”

    1. Gray Sinanju? I hope people don’t misunderstand me again and think I’m building a gray one.

      And yes, I’ve defeated the decals! I made a little update to this post.

  1. haha will look forward for the final results but for people like me who arent familiar with all the layers involved in the painting process, its easy to get confused 😛

    that sucks man, messing up the dry transfers are always a pain… i also tried to do what your doing in custom making the decals, but with masking and only gundam markers… the results were horrible XD

    good luck, that is going to require a ton of patience. but your masking skill looks top notch!

    1. Pictures coming soon! I managed to finish the decals!

      I’ve tried masking and hand painting before, it didn’t work well. The paint bled through the tape. But I heard there were going to be a set of Gundam Decals to be released for the HGUC Sinanju! You should grab them while you can. 😀

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