First Post of 2011 With a Bang

Here’s my first post of 2011 and it’s a bang. I haven’t been doing my updates properly so today I’ll do a catch up.

First it’s about my previous misleading post. The reason why I had to paint the Sinanju black was because of this:

The black layer was meant to be covered with silver. But don’t jump to conclusions yet – more paint needed!

Next I’ll talk about the infamous gold trim all over the Sinanju. Some people paint it by hand, others undertake the daunting task of masking every part. I read from somewhere that it is possible to do a ‘reverse wash’ which saves a lot of effort and I’ll be trying it out.

How the reverse wash works is similar to the normal wash where you run thinned paint into crevices of parts, then wipe the excess off. The difference is instead of running thinned paint, I spray the entire part with black, then wipe away the paint on all the raised edges. This reveals the gold underneath and leaves the black painted areas untouched. I’m not sure what’s so ‘reverse’ about it; don’t ask me. 🙂

However, this method won’t work on the shield as the trim isn’t raised. So for this one part it’s masking time except for the crest which I’ll do the reverse wash. Took quite a while just to mask the shield; imagine the time it would take to mask everything.

These are all the parts with the gold trim painted black as the base color. I mistakenly had the black lower torso join the ride as it had some of the trim-like molding but it’s supposed to be all black.

Slap on the gold. I’m using Gaia Color Star Bright Gold which uses a lacquer based solvent just like most of my paints. As with all washes it’s very important to use different types of paint or your wash would fail and take away the underlying paint along with it.

At this point I ripped the masking tape off the shield and wasn’t satisfied with the result at all. The edges weren’t sharp because I didn’t cut the tape properly. I was also hasty in trying to fix the imperfections and went to hand paint the gold. Big disaster – it looks like a huge black and gold turd so I decided to redo it. No pictures – it’s too embarrassing.

I also forgot about the red portion of the shield also having a gold line over it, so I left the shield for a while and went on to paint the rest of the kit.

And I painted clear red over the silver parts. See? It’s a simple build – no special color scheme involved. Oh and 2 bottles of clear red weren’t enough so I had to make yet another resupply trip just for some clear red paint. Here I redid the masking for the shield, ready for a second attempt.

Now the gold trim on the shield doesn’t look like crap anymore! Here are the parts ready for the next stage.

I’ll be using Tamiya’s enamel paint to paint the gold parts. And then I tripped over my airbrush hose and spilt black paint across my room and carpet. I told my mum about the nightmare that used to be the carpet but she didn’t seem fazed by it. Maybe she’s plotting to murder me.

Here we have all the parts painted over with black enamel paint. And the fun begins here. Got myself a ton of cotton buds for this purpose.

Using cotton buds and enamel thinner, I went on to erase the black enamel layer to expose the gold trim. If I mistakenly removed black where I shouldn’t simply paint on another layer and repeat. With some patience I got all the gold trim done nicely. Here you can see half the trim showing on the chest crest, as well as a mistake near the curl on the collar.

Now I can’t finish painting all the red parts because I needed another resupply trip. And I saw something which caught my eye.

OH AM GEE it’s Wave’s 1/24 scale Tachikoma! Possibly the only iteration of the Tachikoma I can afford. Not sure if I’ll build it soon though; school’s looming around the corner.

And with that I’ll be back to painting more clear red.


18 thoughts on “First Post of 2011 With a Bang”

  1. Cool, that looks mighty impressive there. But… masking hell (opposed to decal-hell).

    Wait… a Tachikoma? O_o

    Looks like you’d better be extra careful at the house now… Be it food, bed, sofa and whatnots. Who knows, maybe there’s some hidden sharp items in them. XD

  2. instead of masking tape cutting skill.. you chemical react for the paint.. well done.. so.. few questions..
    – the gold paint is mix with normal painting thinner?
    – while you say applied the enamel paint (black) on top of the gold paint and using enamel thinner to wash it, will it wash away the gold paint that using normal thinner?
    – what about zippo oil that use for enamel paint?
    -so, the normal thinner for the paint and enamel thinner are different and it won’t wash away the paint that is not using the same thinner? in either way..

    sorry.. i got no idea about the enamel paint, thinner or the zippo.. so i was planning to ask someone to teach me.. thx..

    1. Oooohh!!! I know this answer!

      Correct me if I’m wrong. chemistry 101: like substance dissolve like substance. enamel and lacquer are different substances so they won’t mix, which is why he used enamel thinner to wash off the enamel black.

      At least that’s how I remember it >.< havent touched chemistry for over a year! D:

      1. @AstrayP03,
        Correct! The most important thing is to know what is the solvent you are painting with.

        1. Gaia Color is lacquer based so I use Mr. Color Thinner to thin.
        2. I use enamel thinner to remove the black enamel layer. Because lacquers and enamels are different solvent types, the enamel thinner would not remove the gold layer as you can see from the photo I posted.
        3. I have never used zippo fluid before, but I have heard that it works for enamel paint. It’s best to test before using it.
        4. Yes. However enamel thinner is a harsh solvent and can dissolve plastic. Therefore I usually use it over lacquer as the top-most layer. I wouldn’t paint enamel over bare plastic as it would break the plastic down. Trust me on that one – some of my previous kits have hairline cracks from the enamel wash.


        1. thanks man.. now i got it.. it helps a lot.. i finally understand how it work and the difference of these material.. thanks thanks thanks..

  3. that is an awesome technique! that seems like the most effective and easy method ive seen to do trims, nice job!

    wow there are tachikoma kits? i never knew lol ^^; that will look to be a fun build.

    1. Thanks!

      I saw it listed on some online store but it was discontinued, and never really thought much about it since I was preferring to buy a completed one like a Nendoroid or Chogokin. I was really surprised to see it on a shelf and quickly grabbed it, no time to think. Haha!

  4. SWEET!! yeah i read this somewhere too before.. i would really give this technique a try if i own an airbrush.. too bad there isnt any enarmel spray paints ard… it looks really well done.. this is gonna be another one hell of a Sinanju… wad a bang! =D

    1. @ren,
      Thanks! Hmm I just gave it a thought and I’ve never seen enamel sprays. Maybe there are some alternative methods, like using Gundam Markers? They’re not enamel but it could be possible to work out something similar.

      So enamel sprays do exist huh? Maybe you can share the great intel with fellow bloggers on what brands they are! 🙂

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