figma Megurine Luka

I don’t know a lot about Vocaloids so there wasn’t much reason to get a figma, but I ended up with one anyway. I preferred the adult characters over the younger ones though, like Meiko, Kaito, Megurine Luka, Yowane Haku and so on.

The background is a reflective silver sheet which was a pleasant surprise.

figma Luka comes in a large package to accommodate the tuna accessory. I believe all the characters are associated with food-related items.

It took quite a while to remove all the plastic covering practically every joint and corner from the figure. She comes with the tuna accessory, gold microphone, extra face, 4 extra pairs of hands (2 open hand variations, fists, hands for holding the tuna), the figma stand and an extra attachment to attach the figure at an angle to the stand.

I like the proportions of this figure. Her head is adequately sized unlike other figmas of grown-up characters that have smaller heads. The long lock of hair on the front and her dress are made of flexible plastic. The skirt pieces are harder though. The rest of the hair is solid plastic and bent at an angle, resulting in the figure tending to fall backwards.

I think the faces look much better than previous Vocaloid figmas. I like her stern face. It also looks like she’s almost smiling if you look from above.

At least her singing face doesn’t look strange.

Offering a few close-up shots here and there.

The microphone attached to her headphones is made of hard plastic.

Navel shot. The belt is a separate piece that sits on the skirt.

I must say the paint job on mine is almost flawless as far as I can tell.

The neck joint offers a rather wide range of motion.

The arms have standard articulation range.

The figure is able to bend forward due to the soft material used for the dress. It looks a little awkward when the dress splits under the arm. The waist joint can also rotate all around.

The skirt comprises of two halves but they are not really soft and restrict the legs. Forward motion is also limited. The ankles are also limited because the lower legs are covering most of the joint.

The microphone is done in a retro style. It’s entirely plastic.

The tuna is hollow and has a hole at the bottom. Flying tuna.

The only song performed by her that I can remember is Double Lariat. Too bad she doesn’t come with the funny face. Maybe I should get the Nendoroid version too. Tako Luka minion omg

This is a pretty great figure with nice proportions and wonderful paint job. It would be even better if her hair wasn’t at an angle or had a joint.


9 thoughts on “figma Megurine Luka”

    1. Well it’s not really an anime, it’s actually a computer voice synthesizer program that people use to make it ‘sing’ songs. There are several programs released and each one has their own character, with a lot of fanart created by fans. Here’s a link to a video where you can hear Luka sing.

      You can find a lot of original songs as well as covers of existing songs all over the internet.

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