Sanding Nightmare Zwei

With all the parts cut from their runners, I’ve pieced them together and here is the Sinanju in all its raw plastic glory.

Keen-eyed viewers may notice I didn’t attach the thrusters and most of the small yellow pieces; I was too lazy to do it. You can probably see some of the surfaces having patches of a slightly different color from the sanding.

After ogling at it for a few moments I proceeded to tear and sort it into its individual parts.

Time for another round of sanding. I probably won’t be posting more sanding updates until I start painting. I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing stories of sanding already. What I’ll be doing after this is to try one more round of sanding with the finest sandpaper I have (1000), and then prime the parts. Hopefully the primer can smooth the surface, then I can start painting.


11 thoughts on “Sanding Nightmare Zwei”

  1. we all have to face that sanding hurdle XD its a boring, painful but important part to giving a kit that good finish.

    i usually use 400/600 then 800… by then im in pain and with any desire left i go again with 1000 which is the finest i have also. maybe im not being efficient but i can still see lots of sanding lines after that. so i use polish compound since i dont have top coat / priming supplies.

    keep at it and overcome that nightmare! lol

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