Sanding Nightmare

Like the previous update on my Sinanju, there isn’t much progress besides sanding and more sanding. While I don’t have any pictures to show, I’m done with the legs and I’m working on the backpack and weapons now.

Some of the parts on the backpack are molded in one piece, but that leaves them with unsightly parting lines. It took a long time getting rid of them. Left: after sanding, right: before sanding.

Same goes for the wing-like pieces. I’ve circled the parting line on the right. It’s really annoying to see a straight line cut across all the flowing curves.

The handheld weapons also have parting lines. Here I’ve sanded one of the beam axes. I’ll have to do the same for the beam sabers.

I’ll upload a picture of the completed kit before tearing it apart and giving the parts another round of sanding in the next update.

9 thoughts on “Sanding Nightmare”

  1. mold lines are a pain… my hands were cramped after sanding the smaller hguc version, i can imagine why the MG would be a sanding nightmare XD take lots of breaks to stretch those hands.

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