They say you have only 1 set of lungs…

…and because of the sound piece of advice, I decided it was time to get my own spray booth. Enough of spraying out the window and hoping the wind would not blow in my face.

Following advice from the internet, I went to look for a fan on Saturday, but the shop I wanted to buy it from was closed, and the shop next door was selling pretty much the same thing for almost triple the price (ouch). Today I tried the same shop again, and got practically everything needed to make my own booth.

Got myself a 30cm 45W centrifugal exhaust fan for SGD$35, 2 metres’ worth of aluminum flexible tubing for SGD$8, as well as a ring clip and a plug which the shop auntie threw in for free.

What I needed next was the booth space itself. There are many ways to make one, but my mum gave me an old carton which did the job perfectly. All I had to do was to cut a square hole that fit the fan snugly, then shove the fan into the hole.

Like so. And my own spray booth is complete! It’s roughly 50cm by 40cm, big enough to not tilt backwards due to the weight of the fan and I can bury my face and shoulders inside the box.

And here’s the view from the back of the box. The tubing simply leads out my window. What’s left would be to extend the power cord, and lighting can be solved by simply adjusting my lamp to shine into the box.

I’m trying to convince myself not to put a filter (which impedes air flow) at the expense of dirtying the fan. Well they say the fan can be changed but you have only 1 set of lungs. I’ll see how effective this booth is when I start painting.

13 thoughts on “They say you have only 1 set of lungs…”

  1. woah.. cool.. i would really wanna know how it turns out.. im oso thinking of building one myself! hope to see your next update! =D yeps.. health is more impt!

    1. Hehe I heard that spray booths cannot take the amount of paint from spray cans but I have to prime my kit before painting so I’m not holding my hopes high just yet. When it comes to airbrushing proper I really hope I can spray in peace.

  2. *Drool* aww how i envy you!!! Gona convince my dad to buy those for me too and build one. So for that work hard for the EXAMS!!!!!!!!!! Oh by the way mind exchanging links? And please do check out my blog. I posted a stop motion video on freedom gundam, please comment^^ Thanks

  3. Hmmm… I should purchase one of these things, being that I just started off as a Gunpla collector; modeler. Oh! By the way, please check out my work thus far by clicking my name. Any advice, tools, comments, etc. will be well appreciated. ^_^

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