So Far on Sinanju

After roughly a week of working on this guy, I’ve managed to get a bit done.

The greatest roadblock so far – the sanding nightmare that is a total of 32 individual tube pieces. Unlike the MG Zaku II Ver.2.0 family of kits, there is not sliding assembly method for the power conduits. It will take some nimble fingers to sand the parting lines on all these bits.

To make things slightly easier, I simply used a piece of runner to hold them and sand them down.

But I think much more sanding is needed to get all the curved surfaces nice, smooth and flawless. I’ll be tearing everything apart to give the sanded bits another round of sanding before priming. I noticed my sanding method is pretty horrible, leaving scratches behind.

11 thoughts on “So Far on Sinanju”

  1. i dont want to deal with individual tubing again after my gouf custom lol a real pain to sand those parts. do you have any polishing compound? it would help get rid of some of those sanding lines.

  2. here’s a suggestion. if you have a dremel or even a drill with variable speed… just attach that stick instead of a drill bit. then as you spin the part, just hold the sand paper and it’ll do it automatically with a pretty good curvature.

  3. @bd77, @Marzz:
    Managed to get them done! Watching some anime while sanding makes things a breeze.

    Haven’t tried using polishing compound yet, I might give it a shot if my further sanding attempts don’t improve things.

    Besides the nub marks, there are still parting lines on the parts. I’m trying to get rid of those lines.

    Well, many tasks can be sped up with a dremel but I don’t have the dough to dish out for one yet. I’ll have to make do with some elbow grease.

    Haha you may want to only get rid of the nub marks, some people don’t bother sanding the parting lines away.

    Don’t remind me… :S I’m okay with waterslide decals but doing dry transfers for this guy will be a nightmare.

    I kinda regretted buying such a huge kit when I realized that. A smaller kit like a HG would have been so much easier to build and paint. Heh

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